What’s in a Name?

Deciding on a name for your business is a monumental decision. Now imagine making this decision as a 23-year-old woman and a sole proprietor. Lauren Spencer chose the name Lashforever Canada, over 10 years ago, because it encapsulated her vision and her dream for her little business.

The word “Lash” paid homage to her business heritage. She began her career as lash technician in her mother’s basement. It wasn’t glamorous. It was hard, back-breaking work hunched over her clients for up to eleven consecutive hours. It was as she was servicing her clients, listening to their stories, and learning about this industry that she began to formulate her business strategy.

The word “Forever” was a promise that she made to herself and her future business partners: students, retailers, distributors, and team members. She promised to create a business that would withstand the changes of the industry, the regulations of Health Canada, the intricacies of manufacturing, and the unexpected challenges of life. She never imagined that the world would be shut down for almost two years by a virus.

The word “Canada” demonstrated the pride and respect that Lauren had and continues to have for her country. It was also a goal for her to have her products available in retail outlets across Canada.

Lashforever Canada has now been in business since 2012, Lauren has seen many changes. Other competitors recalled because of sodium bromide and growth hormones. Pop-up stores and schools with no experience behind them have been launched. Increased competition from other brands. All these pressures have made Lashforever Canada stronger, more resilient, and more committed to delivering products that you can trust.

When you purchase Lashforever Canada products, you can be confident that the products have withstood the test of time. High-quality products. Reliable and proven supply chain. Excellent customer service.

And that’s what is in a name.