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Revive7 Featured on Clean Beauty Awards as a Top Beauty Brand Powered by Women

Believe it or not, we don’t have enough female CEOs and executives in beauty. In a research conducted by LedBetter in 2016, it was revealed that only 29% of these roles are held by women. It’s a fact that might be difficult to accept, especially when there is the common notion that women dominate the industry.

How can we try to change this statistic in our own little way? Supporting women-owned brands would be a good first step. The 9th Clean Beauty Awards helped us discover 28 amazing businesses founded, owned, or led by the most inspiring female innovators from the clean beauty community. Read on to know about their stories and what they stand for!

12. Revive7 Science

Founder: Lauren Spencer

Lauren Spencer started her beauty business as a home-based business. In just over a decade, she’s grown Revive7 Science to a multimillion-dollar corporation with the products in over 17 countries. The keys to her success are a consistent vision, constant innovation, and committed team members. Lauren believes that the products we put on our skin is just as important as the products we put inside our bodies. Since 2011, she has maintained a clear vision that products she creates must be clean. Revive7 Science products do not contain prostaglandins, toxins, or carcinogens. All Revive7 Science products which include lash and brow serums, hair treatments, brow products, and mascaras are made with less than 10 clean ingredients. Her mantra is “Minimal Ingredients. Maximum Results”.

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