Perfecting the 2024 Brow Craze: Air Brushed Brows

The “Perfect Brow” changes from decade to decade, even from year to year and 2024 is the year of the “Airbrushed Brow”!

This technique provides flawless photo ready brows! However there are a few tips that help to perfect the look.

Start with a Clean Canvas

Dead skin cells, oily skin, and makeup residue can wreak havoc on a flawless finish. Cleanse thoroughly. We recommend Revive7’s Total Cleansing Foam.  It gently removes oil, makeup and any environmental debris that your brows may have trapped. You might even choose to exfoliate your brows to get the best possible canvas.

Shape your Brows

In Lashforever Canada’s Airbrush Brow Training, the elements of brow shaping are reviewed step-by-step. The objective is to enhance the natural shape of your brows and to create brows that complement your facial features. The Airbrush Brow Training Kit  also includes Brow Stickers to help you create precise lines, and can be a great aid. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to get a precise, even look. Place the sticker over your client’s brow, and gently apply the airbrush makeup. This tool can be particularly useful for beginners.

Choose the Right Shade

Selecting the correct shade for airbrushed brows is critical. The color should match the natural brow color or be a shade lighter. Going too dark can make them look harsh and unnatural. If your client has very light brows, you might want to go a shade darker to give them more definition. Lashforever Canada’s Airbrush Kit contains five pigments or dye that can be used individually or combined to find the ideal shade.

Invest in Quality Tools

Airbrushing requires specific tools, and quality is key. A good airbrush system will give you control and precision. Look for an airbrush with an adjustable nozzle and pressure settings that allow for fine, detailed work. Additionally, you’ll need a compressor that’s compatible with your airbrush. An airbrush machine is included in Lashforever Canada’s Airbrush Training. 

Master Your Strokes

Airbrushing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice. Before applying airbrush makeup to your client’s brows, practice on your hand or a piece of paper. Get a feel for the airbrush and how to control the flow of makeup. Smooth strokes with continuous pressure on the gun are crucial to a flawless finish.  Stopping and starting the pressure during the stroke can result in blotches or uneven depth. As you gain experience you can create an ombre effect on your client’s brows.

Set Your Brows

Once you’ve achieved the desired look, it’s important to set the brows so the makeup lasts all day. A clear brow gel or a setting spray can lock in the color and prevent smudging. Apply the gel or spray lightly to maintain the airbrushed effect.

Clean Your Equipment

After every use, clean your airbrush thoroughly. This prevents clogging and ensures that the makeup will spray evenly the next time you use it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best cleaning methods.

We hope that these tips are useful. Of course, our biggest tip is to take Lashforever Canada’s Airbrush Brow Training! It’s only $495. It covers every aspect of airbrushing and includes $400 worth of supplies and tools you need to offer this service to your clients. It even includes an Airbrush Machine so take the course and start offering this lucrative 2024 Brow Trend.