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Description - Volume Lash Training Online

Already a lash artist and looking to advance your extension skills? Enhance your services by offering clients the latest techniques and revolutionary lash extensions in the industry. With this training, you will learn Hybrid, Russian and Mega volume techniques. This course was designed for experienced and certified classic lash technicians to build on the career they are already working in. Using Lashforever Canada’s custom collection of Volume Lash Extensions, you will be taught how to apply four super-fine single extensions to each individual eyelash, creating a look that is full of volume and won’t damage your client’s natural lashes.

Course Objectives - Volume Lash Training

Beauty and the Business

Complimentary business training from our COO!

The Kit and Contents

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Meet Your Instructor

Iryna is a Master Lash Artist. Trained in the Ukraine and Canada, she has been offering lash extension services for over five years. She has excellent reviews from both students and clients. “I am passionate about lashes and I love teaching others about the details and intricacies of lashes,” she says. Join Iryna in a small class setting with a maximum of four students for an intimate training experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course requires the Classic Lash Extension Course background. With that course as a fundamental, you will effectively be able to tackle the volume course. Adding volume to lashes can create a variety of different looks and provide your clients with more options to choose from. This technique is a little more time consuming as opposed to your classic application method which allows you to charge around 40% more of a mark-up on your fills and full sets.

Absolutely! At Lashforever, we are strong believers that in order to be successful and to be the best, you must continually educate yourself to provide the industry’s leading results. This course will teach you new techniques that will keep your skill set up to date and provide your clients with the best and leading results.

It is always great to have more than just one skill in your toolbox. The more you can offer your clients, the better. That being said, lashes are here to stay and many of our students have built quite the careers for themselves from providing lashes to clients. When you train for a career in the beauty industry it is truly up to you how much or how little you want to work. We provide training that allows for both flexible and lucrative careers and the LFC team is always here when you are ready to grow and expand your skill set.

Yes, you should have already completed a Classic Lash Extension course. This course is designed to add to your existing knowledge of the lash application and to enhance the look of your clients and your career.