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Scalp Micropigmentation or Scalp Pigmentation Training is a course created by Lauren Spencer. These techniques feature the most natural looking shaved hair appearance in the industry, offering your clients a stylish finish while adding the appearance of hair.

Scalp Pigmentation, a groundbreaking technique in the world of aesthetics, has emerged as a transformative solution for hair loss and thinning hair. This is a special and unique service to be able to offer and unlike traditional tattoos, Scalp Pigmentation offers the most realistic results.

You’ll discover innovative techniques to correct and camouflage alopecia, scalp disorders, hair transplantation scars, and more.

The comprehensive Scalp Pigmentation training goes beyond technical skills. You’ll also learn how to expertly evaluate and consult clients, price your services strategically, and build a thriving Scalp Pigmentation business.

Restoring the confidence of individuals who have lost their hair or are dealing with scalp abnormalities is truly rewarding!

Course Objectives

Beauty and the Business

Complimentary business training from our COO!

The Kit and Contents

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After the online training, students need to practice on two more models and send their photos to the trainer for feedback and grading. When two more models are successfully completed; students will receive their certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scalp pigmentation services range from $250 – 500 based on the needs of the client. Most men need to return three or four times to if they are having a large part of their scalp treated. The complete service costs between $1000 – 2000.

The number of clients that you attract for this service depends on your geographical area, your existing data base of clients who often generate referrals, and your ability to market your services.

Scalp pigmentation often lasts up to five years.

Yes, we require our students to work on models in class. It is an important element of learning and helps create your confidence and to fully understand the technique and how to properly work on clients from proper station set up, hands on and how to carry out health and safety protocols.

At Lashforever Canada, we exclusively Artliner and Amie, German made Machines and Pigments.

Europe has the highest level of Health and Safety protocols for machines and pigments manufactured in Europe. We believe in quality, safe machinery and modules. Offering our students nothing but the best.