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Description - Organic Spray Tan Training

It’s not just a spray tan, it’s a luxurious skincare treatment that will leave your clients glowing with endless beauty benefits! Welcome to the world of TT&G Micro Mist Spray Tanning, where you can enhance your services and boost your business revenue with minimal product cost.

By enrolling in our TT&G Organic Micro Mist Spray Tan Course, you’ll gain the knowledge and expertise to unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking treatment. Whether you’re looking to expand your current services or embark on an exciting career in the beauty industry, this course is your ultimate ticket to success.

Course Objectives - Organic Spray Tan Training

Beauty and the Business

Complimentary business training from our COO!

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This course does not require model submission/hands-on training. The course material is provided and certified as an understanding of the technique and material. All students receive an automatic downloadable certificate upon completion of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register, you will receive an email within 24 hours which gives you an access code to the Online Training. You will receive your kit within 7 business days. Once you’ve completed the Online Training, you can begin working with on friends and family to practice your technique. Most students feel confident after practicing on eight to ten friends and begin charging an introductory service rate.

The popularity of spray tanning fluctuates throughout the year. According to Google Trends, the interest in spray tanning peaked in late May 2023, reaching a score of 100 (the highest popularity level). The interest seems to rise starting from January, peaks around May, and then decreases until the end of the year. More recently, as of October 2023, the popularity level was around 38. These trends suggest that spray tanning is more popular during the warmer months and less popular during the cooler months. Keep in mind that these numbers represent relative search interest on Google and may not reflect the actual usage of spray tanning services.

The global Spray Tanning market size was valued at USD 354.85 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.31% during the forecast period, reaching USD 484.03 million by 2028.

The cost of a spray tan can vary widely depending on several factors including location, the type of salon, and the specific service being provided.

The price range varies from $25 - 60. 

Some salons offer packages or memberships that can reduce the cost per session. For example, a package of 4 sessions may be sold as the price of 3. 

Keep in mind that these are average prices and they can vary depending on your location and the specific services offered by your spray tanning business. It is important to consider these factors, as well as your overhead costs, when deciding how much to charge for a spray tan.

All students receive a downloadable certification upon completion of the course material. Once you've completed the online training, you can begin working on family and friends to practice your technique. Most students feel confident after practicing with 5 to 8 friends and begin charging introductory service rates.

Yes, you can start your own businesses after completing the training.