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June 25 – 26


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Description - Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lashes


Beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. Youthful. These are just four of the words women use to describe how lash extensions make them feel. Lash extensions are popular with women of all ages, ethnicities, careers, and lifestyles. A successful application provides clients with “the look” they want, and, even more importantly, ensures that the lashes are applied safely without damaging the natural lashes and with the best quality of products.

At Lashforever Canada, we’ve been training students since 2012. Students receive the online course content and professional kit upon registration. It is expected that students will study and practice lash techniques at home prior to their in-class training.

During the two-day lash extension training, students review the online theory with the instructor and perform their isolation and lash techniques on mannequins for feedback from the instructor. They observe a lash extension demonstration by the instructor. On the second day, students complete a full lash extension service on their model. Students are required to arrange for a friend or family member to act as their model on the second day. This hands-on training is very valuable as the instructor provides continuous feedback on their service.

The course includes a kit of professional products. It is the most comprehensive kit on the market. All the products are Lashforever Canada’s own brand; we stand behind every product we sell. The kit contents will service up to 250 clients.

Course Objectives - Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions

Beauty and the Business

Complimentary business training from our COO!

The Kit and Contents

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Meet Your Instructor

Iryna is a Master Lash Artist. Trained in the Ukraine and Canada, she has been offering lash extension services for over five years. She has excellent reviews from both students and clients. “I am passionate about lashes and I love teaching others about the details and intricacies of lashes,” she says. Join Iryna in a small class setting with a maximum of four students for an intimate training experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lash extension training is a specialized course or program that teaches individuals how to safely and effectively apply eyelash extensions. The training typically covers various aspects such as lash selection, lash application technique, adhesive selection, client consultation, safety and hygiene, among others.

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Anyone who is interested in becoming a professional lash technician can take lash extension training. It's also suitable for beauty professionals who want to expand their services.

The duration of lash extension training varies on how quickly you complete the online training and how diligent you are on practicing your isolation techniques and lash placement. We recommend that you review the online theory at least twice, and that you feel very competent on your lash isolation techniques before you begin practicing on friends or families. Do not assume that understanding the techniques and theory mean that you are ready to offer the services. Before offering the services, you need to practice, practice, practice.

During lash extension training, you'll learn about various lash extension techniques, how to select the right lashes for each client, the application process, safety procedures, aftercare instructions, and customer service. We also cover business skills such as marketing and pricing your services.

Lashforever Canada provides a certification upon completion of the course and two photos of models with approved lash extensions. This certification demonstrates that you have received proper training and can perform lash extension services professionally and safely.

Yes, you can start your own businesses after completing the training. However, you may need to obtain a business license and meet other local regulations. It's also important to have a solid business plan, marketing strategy, and exceptional customer service. Remember to check the specific requirements and regulations in your province as these may vary.