Lip Blushing & Velvet Eyeliner


3 Days





April 22 – 24


June 10 – 12


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This popular course covers two high demand services: Lip Blushing and Velvet Eye Liner.

Over time, or due to injectables, lips can become lighter and lose natural pigmentation. Lip Blushing enhances, rejuvenates, and adds instant colour to your clients’ lips. Using advanced techniques and an in-depth understanding of colour theory, lip bushing can create the illusion of volume and contouring. Lip blushing defines the lips and gives the client a more youthful look.

Velvet Eyeliner is a soft but crisp permanent eyeliner that will open and brighten the eye shape. This is extremely popular with clients who want to streamline their morning routine.

The Velvet Eyeliner is an excellent additional service for any Permanent Makeup Artist to offer. Our experience has been that clients who receive one PMU service often seek additional services.

The course covers all aspects of the new techniques of lip and eyeliner pigmentation, understanding lip and skin anatomy, drawing and design, lip corrections, eyeliner variations, and colour theory The course also includes live demonstrations and the opportunity to work on your own models under Lauren’s supervision. Lip blushing is a very intricate technique and is not one that should be learned online.

Course Objectives

The Kit and Contents

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Meet Your Instructor

Lauren Spencer is a Master PMU Artist. She has been offering training for over ten year and has travelled around the world learning advanced techniques and refining them. This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best PMU Artists in Canada. Lauren’s superb reputation and undeniable skill enable her to charge $900 for PMU Brow Services.

Three Step Training



Two weeks prior to registration, students receive access to Online Training. Students are expected to complete their Online Training prior to the training date. There are online exams that must be completed, graded, and passed before the training date.



Theory review, practice drawings and techniques on paper and molds with Lauren. Perform the service on models. Receive immediate feedback on pressure, colour use, and strokes from the model and Lauren. This part of the training is the most difficult and, often, most valuable.



One week after the training, Lauren conducts a Zoom meeting with the students from the week before. This is a Q&A time, where students are encouraged to bring their questions to Lauren. It’s also an opportunity for students to hear from other students and learn from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lauren’s technique is derived from her own knowledge and training around the world to create a unique technique that is bloodless, causes little to no scar tissue and is the most natural looking in the industry. From hand movement to modules, you won’t see anything like it. You will learn not only lip blushing, but you will also learn the elements of dark lip correction.

The fact that the service is bloodless, its quite an easy procedure to be carried out. A topical numbing is used to ensure the client receives an enjoyable treatment.

Our Lip blushing technique lasts from 18-24 months. Velvet Liner can last 2-4 years.

Yes, we require our students to work on models in class. It is an important element of learning and helps create your confidence and to fully understand the technique and how to properly work on clients from proper station set up, hands on and how to carry out health and safety protocols.

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Lip blushing and velvet eyeliner are two popular cosmetic services that are often done together for several reasons.

First and foremost, both procedures enhance the overall appearance of the face, creating a harmonious and balanced look. Lip blushing adds color and definition to the lips, making them appear fuller and more youthful, while eyeliner enhances the eyes, making them more expressive and captivating.

Additionally, getting both lip blushing and eyeliner done together saves time and money for clients, as they can have both procedures completed during a single visit to the salon or clinic. Many clinics offer these services as a package; increasing the overall sales generated for the clinic.

Eye liner tattooing has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a way for individuals to enhance and define their eyes on a long-term basis. However, along with its growing popularity comes the need to address the potential risks associated with this cosmetic procedure.

While the procedure itself is generally safe when performed by a trained professional, there are certain risks that individuals should be aware of. These risks can include infection, allergic reactions to the tattoo ink, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the result.

One of the potential risks is infection, as the tattooing process creates small punctures in the skin that can serve as entry points for bacteria and other pathogens.

Another risk is allergic reactions, as some individuals may have sensitivities to the pigments or other components used in the tattoo ink.

These risks can be minimized by following strict sanitation procedures, using only the highest quality of pigments, and never reusing needles. Understanding the technique, operation of the machines, and selection of needles reduces the chance of scarring and increases the likelihood of a satisfied client.

During the training of eyeliner services, the course curriculum highlights the importance of these procedures and reviews the many different types of pigments that are available on the market.