All About Airbrush Brows

Finally, an exciting viral technique for 2024 – Airbrush Brows 

Airbrush makeup has been around for decades. However, nothing had been created to outlast conventional brow powder. The idea of mixing brow tint and airbrush was born. Needing to be a more liquified formula than your regular brow tint, Permanent Makeup Master Trainer, Lauren Spencer, researched the perfect formula to make this come to life.

What’s so special about Airbrush Brows?

Not only will you be able to offer this service in under 10 minutes, but the tiny micro pigments are layered in an ombré format for a natural effect. Offering seamless results by far more than by and tint application. Our brow shape tape gives precise application methods, leaving your client with flawless ombré brows. 

What is the difference between tinting, henna, and airbrush brows? 

Tinting is applied by hand, taking up to a 30-minute service time or more. Airbrush brows can be completed in less than 10-15 minutes per application and work much more efficiently. This means you can offer 25-30 applications a day, that’s up to $1350.00 daily. 

How long will it last? 

Lasting longer than tint and henna, Airbrush brows can last upto 2-3 weeks depending on the skin type and lifestyle. Minimizing your morning routine.

Can anyone get started in Airbrush Brush brows? 

YES! Our detailed online training course allows anyone to get their brow career started. We give you all the fundamentals you need to know about brow shaping, application tools, colour theory and more. 

I am a permanent makeup artist, should I take this course? 

YES! A great way to introduce your clients to a more semi-permanent make up option is through Airbrush Brows. This gives your clients the opportunity to not only see what a difference brows make but to also get used to the possibility of their new, flawless brows.

How many clients can I do off of my initial kit? 

With LFC’s Airbrush brow kit, you can offer up to 240 services. That’s just about $13,000 of your initial investment.

Lauren continues to be a pioneer in the brow industry, since 2008. We are successfully the first company in Canada to offer this viral brow trend all across Canada.