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Training Standards


Top rated training facility in North America

We are proud to be one of the top rated lash, brow and beauty training facilities in North America – this is due to the fact that President and Head Trainer Lauren Spencer has been in the industry for over a decade and throughout her years of experience she could see what the industry was missing and how it lacked the quality and high level of training she expected to see in the beauty industry. With that she developed the most extensive and in depth training to ensure she was providing technicians and distributors with the proper training and her specialized techniques you will not find elsewhere.

You can trust that you are investing in your success as a technician and be confident in knowing that you are receiving the highest level of training you will find in the industry with the product quality to match. Our training paired with our product lines will provide you with the most advanced services in the industry and keep you ahead of the competition. We firmly believe that you get what you pay for and our pricing reflects the quality that you will receive in your training.


Superior quality products

It is essential to be informed and confident in the ingredients that you find in the products you are using on your clients – with Lashforever we guarantee the highest quality products you will find in the industry. With all our products being made in Canada and Europe, reaching world-wide health regulation and Drug and Cosmetic approval, we ensure our products are 100% safe and provide high end results your clients can depend on.

A key factor to the quality you will find in our collections is our President; Lauren Spencer has a hands on approach when developing the Lashforever collections and is involved throughout the entire process from start to finish. Lauren knows exactly what is being put into her brand and precisely moderates the standards of quality to ensure you receive a superior product.

the team

Industry leaders

We strive to be industry leaders and introduce the latest and most innovative enhancements to the industry. With the extensive knowledge and experience our team has in the industry we can create our own niche and advanced techniques that provide your clients with results they won’t find elsewhere. President and Head Trainer Lauren Spencer, has been in the industry for over a decade and has always anticipated what the industry needs – with that she is constantly doing extensive research to develop brands and enhancements with leading edge technology and provide the most extensive training in the industry.

Our goal at Lashforever Canada is to not only provide the latest enhancements but to also provide the most advanced and extensive training you will find in the industry. Our head trainers are consistently researching new techniques and providing our technicians with the most advanced knowledge in the industry. Offer your clients the latest enhancements in the industry and ensure you are receiving the training you and your clients deserve.

our advantage

Setting the standard

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