Our Dedication is to Perfection.

At  LashForever Canada, we are dedicated to providing an exquisite experience. Our commitment to impeccable quality and personalized service sets us apart. But don’t just take our word for it! Delve into the glowing testimonials from our clients and past students and discover the transformative power of our transformative offerings.

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Cindy Doroslovac

I love Lash Forever Canada!

 I first came in for HDI brows work and lash extensions. I received many compliments from people. I was so happy with results that I decided to return as a student in the Master Lash Certification program. The course was hands on with Lauren. She’s a true talent in the industry and the only person I trusted to learn the skills and get certified! They care about quality, products grade, and sanitation. So important! Plus the course equips you with all your starter kit supplies!! Thank you Lauren and LFC team! 💜

"The only place I’ll ever go to!"

This is the second time I’ve gotten my brows done by the owner Lauren😍 she is so talented and a true artist. I have little to no brows and am so happy with the result. Permanent makeup is no joke and I wouldn’t just trust anyone. I walk out of my appointment feeling like a doll. They last so long and I don’t have to spend hours on them anymore!! Thank you for making me feel beautiful xoxox

Close up of beauty specialist in sterile gloves applying cleansing mousse on woman eyelashes with cosmetic lash brush. Eyelash stylist preparing woman lashes for applying extensions.

Fallon Eva

Happy young woman streaming a beauty makeup vlog from home or workshop. Beautiful online content creator cosmetician applying makeup and explaining some work tools. Vlogging and online channel work.

Wendy McGuinty

"Lets not forget the amazing products :)!"

I was lucky enough to find a great sale and jumped on the opportunity. My parcel arrived fast but unfortunately damaged and parts missing. When I contacted Lashforever they were over the top quick , kind and generous in replacing my lost and damaged goods. Hooray – good Customer Service is a live and well!

Our Philosophy Towards Customer Service.


the highest of standards

Our commitment to unparalleled excellence lies at the core of our customer service philosophy. We strive to surpass all expectations by delivering products and services of extraordinary quality. Every detail is meticulously crafted, every aspect refined to perfection. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we create an exquisite experience that exudes luxury and sophistication.


bespoke attention

We believe that our clientele & students deserve nothing less than a bespoke approach. We embrace the art of personalization, tailoring every interaction to cater to the unique desires and preferences of each individual.  From personalized recommendations to tailor-made solutions, we ensure that every journey with LFC  reflects each distinct style and need.


clear communication

 We value time and make it our priority to provide timely and efficient communication channels. Whether it’s a question, a concern, or feedback, we are readily available to listen, understand, and respond with grace. We believe in fostering open dialogue, nurturing a sense of trust and transparency that allows us to exceed expectations consistently.

Feedback? We want to know!

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