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Ensuring our students get insured

Providing the proper tools and advice for technician insurance

At Lashforever Canada, we have built a reputation for producing the most highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians in the industry. With Lashforever Canada’s extensive training being recognized by insurance companies throughout Canada, we are known for providing our students with the important tools and guidelines for beginning their new career in the beauty industry. Insurance companies are confident in the technicians we produce and with that provide reasonable and affordable rates confidently to our certified technicians.

Our thorough grading process ensures we only certify those who are prepared and ready to begin their new career. We are a respected facility among insurance companies and have built a reputation that is second to none.

As a certified Lashforever Canada technician you can research several insurance companies to provide you with the best rate for your business model, however at Lashforever Canada we refer our students to St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD. located in Toronto. When requesting a quote for insurance, be sure to inform the representative that you have been referred and certified through Lashforever Canada.

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