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HDi Embroidery Brow Microblading Pigments

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Our HDi pigments consist of a high quality formula that are free of metals, carcinogens and formaldehyde. With our wide selection of colours and modifiers you can achieve the ideal tone for your client. For professional and microblading use ONLY.



Ingredients: Glycerin, propylene, glycol, alcohol, water, antioxidant formula, non-toxic pigment blend.

HDi Embroidery Brow Pigments:

Light Brown – Lighter pigment than the brown, mimicking honey brown. Excellent for very fair haired clients, dark blondes who pull more ash. Heals exactly how it looks. Works well with Dark brown or Dark Ash brown to make the pigment darker. * Most popular*

Brown – Rich and warmer base with copper undertones. This is a reddish brown, but when mixed with dark brown can produce a medium brown. Great for red or auburn haired clients, medium brown hair and when mixed with dark brown pigment for brown hair or dark brown hair.

Dark Brown – This rich dark brown colour is great for medium to dark hair clients. For great results mix with taupe or maroon for a warmer finish. * Most popular*

Light Ash Brown – This is the lightest of our cool pigment selection and suits clients with lighter hair and warm skin tones. This is a cooler brown.

Ash Brown – Our slightly darker pigment than the light ash brown. This pigment is excellent when used on its own for clients whom are darker haired and slightly darker skinned with a warmer skin tone.

Dark Ash Brown – A great dark brown that heals beautifully with taupe or light brown. For a cooler dark brown, this always heals on point. * Most popular*

Black Brown – This pigment is a neutral tone which can turn warm or cool depending on the tone of the skin. This will produce a black brown colour in the skin. Add maroon to warm this pigment up. * Most popular*

Black – The darkest colour in the HDi Brow collection and is rarely used on its own. This would be used for skin type 5-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale. We always recommend to warm this colour up with a dark brown or maroon as this has a tendency to pull an ash tone.

Taupe – This pigment is used to modify and mix into your pigment when matching your clients ideal colour to warm a pigment up. Taupe is a yellow based colour and is ideal for clients with white blonde or very fair features. Never to be used on its own. Light brown would be a comparable pigment. * Most popular*

Maroon – The only fairly red colour we have in the HDi Brow collection. This pigment is ideal for skin types 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. For clients who have red tones in their hair this pigment is ideal to mix with Brown or Dark Brown.

Orange – This pigment is used to modify and mix into your pigment when matching your clients ideal colour. Orange is a red based colour and is ideal for clients who pull grey tones and need to warm up the pigment.

Skin – This pigment is used to modify and mix into your pigment when matching your clients ideal colour. When using the skin pigment you are looking to lighten up any of the HDi Embroidery Brow pigments.

Gray – This pigment is ideal for older clients whom have salt and pepper hair. Although you can warm it up with any of the lighter cool or warm pigments, this will mimic their natural brows if they want to keep the salt and pepper look.

Green Brown – This pigment is used for correctional purposes only. Work with this pigment to cover any reddish tones.

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Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Ash Brown, Ash Brown, Dark Ash Brown, Black Brown, Black, Taupe, Maroon, Orange, Skin, Gray, Green Brown


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