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Glamcor Classic Elite 2 Light


The revolutionary Glamcor Elite light just got 25% brighter and 100% better. The most prolific lighting in the beauty industry has been entirely redesigned to be higher performing while maintaining the integrity of the beautiful design.



• Powerful premium 5,600K daylight LED

• Super lightweight

• Five stage touch dimming

• Most powerful Elite model to date

• Portable


Introducing the Classic Elite 2 with crisp 5,600K HD Daylight lighting.



All new hardware and new proprietary technology make the Elite 2 a dramatically brighter, more stable, more responsive, and more professional light that you will love. And we guarantee that your photographs under this light will be perfect and gorgeous. The enhanced 5,600K LED that was only available on the Ultra and Extreme model is now the cornerstone of the Elite 2.

The Elite model has been an international best seller and ultimate tool to these professionals:

• Lash


• Hair

• Tattoo

• Airbrush/body painting

• Television production

• Photo & Video


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