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We offer top premium quality micropigments to obtain the most natural permanent makeup look. The unique formulation of ArtLiner™ micropigments provides the highest level of sanitation and prevention of allergenic reactions, especially in a combination with biostimulation by soft laser 3A class from ArtLiner™.

Key Benefits

  • Fully stable pigments prevent unwanted color changes
  • Dispersant of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients with high purity
  • Medical quality of ingredients used in formulation
  • Resistance to evaporation provides stable concentration of color saturation = formulation with highest stability: pigments must not be diluted after opening until to final use (if bottle is closed until final use)
  • Biocompatibility with the skin is 100% – unique formulation of ArtLiner™ micropigments provides full integration with the skin (skin does not recognize the colors as a foreign substance)
  • Non irritating, non phototoxic, non sensitizing, non photo-sensitizing and non genotoxic
  • No swelling reaction on the skin
  • Colors can be mixed to obtain unique and individual shade
  • Special combination of mineral substances supports the healing process of wounds

Unique formula

  • Antioxidant properties = unique formulation of ArtLiner™ micropigments reduces free radicals which are responsible for skin aging and for the degradation of color intensity
  • Antibacterial properties (including yeasts and funghi)

Unique effects

  • Very fresh, very natural, completely unique and long-lasting effects of micropigmentation after every single treatment
  • The activity of light reflection gives 3D effect and long-term stability of the intensity of the colors (UV-resistance)
  • Very efficient – recommended to all types of micropigmentation, such as: eyelids, eyebrows, lips, areola, scalp, medical pigmentation (camouflage)

Highest safety

  • Free of toxic and mutagenic substances
  • Free of iron oxides
  • Free of preservatives
  • Free of acrylic
  • Free of alcohol
  • Free of detectable quantities of cadmium, mercury, selenium, tellurium, thallium, uranium, chromium nor soluble barium combinations
  • Presence of antimony, arsenic, barium sulfate, chromium, lead and zinc on levels in accordance with the cosmetic standards
  • All ingredients are listed on the label (in accordance with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC)
  • All raw materials are analyzed on relevant parameters before use in production
  • Certificates of Analysis for each color and for each LOT – available on request from Official Distributors of ArtLiner™

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