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The latest in permanent makeup for brows, lips, eyeliner, medical enhancements.

Advanced your career and your skills as a PMU artist with the most advanced training in permanent makeup tailored by Head Trainer + owner of Lashforever Canada Lauren Spencer.

With the constant dedication to learning and attending multiple trainings with industry professionals all around the world including the Brow King himself James Olaya, Lauren has crafted her skill to become a leader in the permanent makeup industry and has created the most advanced trainings to offer her students. With that, Lauren created the PMU Academy which focuses mainly on introducing the most advanced techniques in permanent makeup.

Which permanent makeup training are you interested in?

The All-in-one Pigmentation 5 Day Course

Learn 10 techniques in permanent makeup for brows, lips and eyeliner

With this all-in-one course you will learn the most advanced techniques to achieve 10 different looks. Learn nano brow, magic shadow, combination brows, luxury lips, velvet liner & more. Everything you need to learn about permanent makeup techniques, all together in one training. Make the investment and widen your services for your business.

Magic Shadow - 1 Day Course

Introducing the latest technique first to Canada in permanent makeup for brows

Some would say this technique is similar to shading but it offers a more pixelated 3-dimensional result rather than simply shading the brow which creates a flat result. With the magic shadow technique you can create more depth and pair it with the nano brow/hairstroke technique.

Nano Brow Pigmentation 3 Day Course

Learn the latest trend for brows in permanent makeup and the finest strokes in the industry

Nano Brow is the highest paying brow service in the industry offering results that last up to 5 years. Offer your clients the most precise hair-like strokes in permanent makeup. The application is done with the finest permanent makeup nano needle in the industry paired with the most advanced European made permanent makeup machines by Artliner.

Areola Pigmentation 3 Day Beginner and 2 Day Advanced Course

A medical miracle, creating the illusion of a 3D areola, restoring the natural look of the breast

Our advanced areola pigmentation training allows you to gain extensive knowledge and hands on experience to help those who have undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer, other breast surgeries, or who may have irregular or fading areola’s and create a 3D areola which in turn wil help in regaining the confidence of many women and men.

Scalp Pigmentation - 2 Day Advanced Course

Enhancing the scalp or hair line of men and women who suffer from hair loss or thinning

There are several reasons individuals suffer from hair loss and scalp pigmentation provides you with a unique technique that allows you to fill in small patches or create tiny micropigmentation throughout the entire scalp creating a shaved head appearance.

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