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Paramedical Pigmentation

Lashforever Canada invites you to embark on a journey of professional growth through our comprehensive paramedical pigmentation course. In this cutting-edge training, you’ll acquire the skills needed to perform advanced procedures that address scar & stretchmark camouflage, areola restoration, and inkless camouflage in partnership with Dermedics. Our industry-renowned instructors will guide you through hands-on practice, sharing invaluable techniques and insider tips.  Enroll today and join the ranks of successful paramedical pigmentation professionals!

Transform Lives with Paramedical Pigmentation : Areola Restoration

Discover the transformative world of Paramedical Pigmentation at LashForever Canada. Our advanced course introduces you to the captivating realms of 3D Areola Restoration, Areola Colour Correction, and Cosmetic Areola Restoration. As well as Brazilian Scar & Stretch mark camouflage & inkless camouflage in partnership with Dermedics.

Gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in helping individuals who have undergone mastectomies, breast surgeries, or face issues with irregular or fading Areolas. Become an expert in understanding scars and stretch marks, providing tailored solutions that restore confidence.

Unlock the artistic side of your craft, mastering shading and highlighting techniques using permanent makeup pigments to achieve stunningly realistic results. Stand out in the beauty industry with your ability to create the illusion of a protruding nipple, eliminating the need for additional surgery.

This course goes beyond professional training; it allows you to play a pivotal role in someone’s emotional journey towards regaining their confidence.


Transform Lives, Master Areola Restoration & Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage.

Become a certified expert in Areola Restoration & Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage through our immersive Paramedical Pigmentation course. Gain the skills and knowledge to bring back confidence and redefine beauty. Join us at LashForever Canada and be part of a community dedicated to transforming lives. Enroll today and make a remarkable impact and master a service that restores confidence.

Discover What You Will Learn.

From Artistry to Profit: Revenue Potential

$1,200/week = $62,400/year 


 If you have two appointments per week and charge an average of $600 per procedure, you can earn $1200 in a week. While this may seem modest, it’s important to remember that each appointment is a valuable opportunity to showcase your expertise and build a loyal clientele. By providing exceptional results and outstanding customer service, you can cultivate a reputation that leads to more appointments in the future.

$2,400/week = $124,800/year 


Doubling your weekly appointments to four can significantly impact your earnings. This increase allows you to generate a more consistent income and cover your expenses while building your business. By focusing on attracting and retaining clients, you can gradually increase the number of appointments you have each week, further boosting your earnings.


$3,600/week = $187,200/year 


Having six appointments per week provides even greater earning potential. This level of income demonstrates the financial rewards that come with building a solid client base and establishing yourself as a reputable Brow Artist. By consistently delivering excellent results and nurturing relationships with your clients, you can enjoy a steady stream of appointments and income.

Kind Words from Past Students:

Details That Set Lashforever Canada Apart


PMU & Lash Artists Certified


award winning years in the beauty industry


followers on insta


exceptional courses to choose from

Build Your Empire with Lashforever Canada

Unleash Your Potential and Build Your Empire with Lashforever Canada’s Beauty Coaches

Ready to build your empire in lash and PMU artistry? Discover the transformative power of our exclusive training programs at Lashforever Canada. Our expert Beauty Coaches are here to guide you towards success.

Sign up for a free consultation with our Beauty Coaches and gain personalized insights tailored to your goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our courses will equip you with essential knowledge and techniques to excel in the industry.

Unleash your potential, ignite your creativity, and build your empire with Lashforever Canada. Take the first step today.

Lauren Spencer


Meet Lauren Spencer.

Introducing Lauren Spencer, the visionary force behind Lashforever Canada. As our Founder, CEO, and Master Certified Artist, Lauren embodies the essence of our brand.

With a relentless drive for excellence, Lauren’s accomplishments speak for themselves: 15,000 artists trained, 3 internationally acclaimed brands, 35 innovative custom products developed, and 21 PMU & Lash certifications earned.

Her transformative influence extends beyond numbers and awards. Lauren has inspired countless individuals to embrace their inner power and build their own empires. Her aura of elegance and ambition is not only inspiring but contagious to anyone that’s lucky enough to work, train or simply hang out with Lauren. 

The best part? She is only getting started. 


Yes! Helping a patient gain back their sense of confidence is absolutely as rewarding as it sounds. We have worked with several patients who have survived breast cancer and are looking to reshape their areola. This course provides you with the skill set to change lives.

Like all of our courses, this skill takes practice, patience, and lots of hands-on experience. This incredibly rewarding course will leave you feeling confident in your artistry and ready to tackle the working world.

The paramedical pigmentation course covers the fundamentals of permanent make up catered to areola, scar camouflage and stretch marks. We welcome beginners and advanced students and ensure our students gain the knowledge and skill required to feel confident after course completion.

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