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Leading the industry with innovative enhancements + the most extensive microblading school training in North America

At Lashforever, our mission is to provide the highest level of quality in three vital areas; training, product quality and leading edge enhancements. We have implemented the most extensive and in-depth training to ensure we produce the most educated and highly trained technicians in the industry.

Our Certified Technicians who are working in the permanent makeup industry have created successful and profitable professions for themselves with the help of our extensive training and in-depth knowledge. We stand behind the quality of our product collections and after care, as they are superior in every aspect to ensure we provide our technicians and their clients with professional and long lasting results.

We pride ourselves in being industry leaders in developing innovative and leading edge enhancements. We are always one step ahead of the industry in developing the latest trends while creating the highest level of education and product lines, bringing to both technicians and distributors.

With Lashforever Canada you can trust that your investment in our training and product lines will advance your business, the quality of your services and the overall experience of your clients.

the history

From mobile lash technician to one of Canada’s top lash, brow and beauty wholesalers.

It all started in 2008, in the basement of my mothers house, I wanted to create my own career path and follow my passion within the beauty industry. I started out as a trusted lash & brow technician to hundreds of clients all around Toronto and the GTA, with my first store opening in 2013. Over the years I have gained extensive knowledge in the industry and have trained all around the world including Toronto, Dubai, Europe, England and Los Angeles to further my education and to be able to teach women and men the most innovative and advanced techniques that I have crafted.

In 2012, Lashforever Canada was created. I had tried every brand out there for lashes and brows and knew what worked and what didn’t. I found that in this industry it was lacking the following; proper education and training as well as quality products. Creating my own brand took a lot of hard work, trial and error and of course never ending hours of writing training manuals. Hard work does pay off and dreams don’t work unless you do. At the end of the day, this industry has become my life, being able to make a difference in training, product quality and bringing outstanding customer service to our clients is my number one priority.

With my extensive knowledge in all of our lash and brow enhancements, my specialities include micropigmentation in permanent makeup, medical areola pigmentation.

Lauren Spencer

Owner, Head Trainer

industry leaders

Meet the LFC team

Mary-Ann Celar
Manager + Lash Trainer

From a certified stylist to head trainer + manager of the top training facility.

When you walk into Lashforever, there’s a good chance Mary-ann’s face will be the first face you see. Not only does she handle the day to day of the top training facility in North America but she has an extensive background in the beauty industry and has been with us for over 4 years now. She has been teaching lash extensions, lash lift and spray tanning for the past 3 years and loves the hands on experience with the students and clients.

Rebecca Lawrence
Assistant Manager + Lash Trainer

From a former Lash Extension Student to Head Lash Trainer.

As a former student who attending the lash extension course, Rebecca has become the head lash trainer at Lashforever Canada for over 2 years now. She got trained as a Lash Technician through Lashforever Canada and the greatest advice she tells students is that as a Lash Technician you need lots of practice and patience. She has learned this after countless hours and clients. Rebecca is constantly striving to learn new techniques and tricks to advanced her lash skills and offering the latest in lashes for her clients and our students.

Shiren Sharifi
Head Microblading + Nano Brow Trainer

From a former Microblading student to Head Microblading & Nano Brow Trainer.

Shiren has been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years now. Her extensive knowledge in permanent makeup, and her professional teaching background makes her a master in the art of micropigmentation. Shiren specializes in brows, and provides her students with the most advanced techniques and knowledge in the latest brow enhancements. She is constantly continuing her education in the field to advance her career and her keen eye, and close attention to detail, provides her students and clients with professional results. skills and offering the latest in lashes for her clients and our students.

Ursula Dultra
Assistant Microblading Trainer

From marketing professional to certified microblading artist + trainer.

Ursula first started her career in marketing but it was not her passion. After being invited to coordinate a large event for a traditional Brazilian beauty company, Ursula found her passion and loved being a vital part in the hands on side of the beauty industry. As a former certified student from the HDi Embroidery Brow course, Ursula has advanced her career by completing additional training in Brazil and has perfected her technique. She has been training as an assistant trainer with us now for just under a year and with her skills and professionalism she proves to be a true leader in her career.

our advantage

Setting the standard

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