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Master the Art of HDi Microblading

Are you passionate about transforming brows and creating stunning, natural-looking results? Join our exclusive HDi Microblading Course and unlock the key to mastering this revolutionary technique. Led by Master Certified Trainers, this comprehensive course combines theory and hands-on practice to ensure you gain the skills needed to thrive in the beauty industry. Enroll now and take your beauty career to new heights!

Elevate Your Beauty Career with HDi Microblading

Lashforever Canada presents the HDi Microblading Course, designed to unleash your artistic talents and ignite your potential. Dive into the world of microblading and learn to craft flawless, hyper-realistic brows that leave a lasting impression. Our expert instructors will guide you through the step-by-step process, sharing industry insights and advanced techniques to ensure you stand out from the competition. Don’t let your creativity go untapped – enroll now and embark on an exciting journey towards success!

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Discover What You Will Learn.


Build Your Empire with LFC

Are you ready to become a highly sought-after beauty professional, commanding top rates and building a loyal clientele? Lashforever Canada presents the elite HDi Microblading Training Program, where you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge to excel in this booming industry. From mastering the art of brow design to understanding skin anatomy and color theory, our comprehensive curriculum covers everything you need to succeed. Join our community of successful graduates who have gone on to establish thriving microblading businesses. Seize this opportunity to transform your career – enroll today and unlock your potential as an HDi Microblading Specialist!

From Artistry to Profit: Revenue Potential

$800/week = $41,600/year


If you have two appointments per week and charge an average of $400 per procedure, you can earn $800 in a week. While this may seem modest, it’s important to remember that each appointment is a valuable opportunity to showcase your expertise and build a loyal clientele. 

$1,600/week = $83,200/year


Doubling your weekly appointments to four can significantly impact your earnings.  By focusing on attracting and retaining clients, you can gradually increase the number of appointments you have each week, further boosting your earnings.


$2400/week = $124,800/year


Having six appointments per week provides even greater earning potential. This level of income demonstrates the financial rewards that come with building a solid client base and establishing yourself as a reputable Brow Artist. 


Kind Words from Past Students:

Details That Set Lashforever Canada Apart


PMU & Lash Artists Certified


award winning years in the beauty industry


followers on insta


exceptional courses to choose from

Build Your Empire with Lashforever Canada

Unleash Your Potential and Build Your Empire with Lashforever Canada’s Beauty Coaches

Ready to build your empire in lash and PMU artistry? Discover the transformative power of our exclusive training programs at Lashforever Canada. Our expert Beauty Coaches are here to guide you towards success.

Sign up for a free consultation with our Beauty Coaches and gain personalized insights tailored to your goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our courses will equip you with essential knowledge and techniques to excel in the industry.

Unleash your potential, ignite your creativity, and build your empire with Lashforever Canada. Take the first step today.

Lauren Spencer


Meet Lauren Spencer.

Introducing Lauren Spencer, the visionary force behind Lashforever Canada. As our Founder, CEO, and Master Certified Artist, Lauren embodies the essence of our brand.

With a relentless drive for excellence, Lauren’s accomplishments speak for themselves: 15,000 artists trained, 3 internationally acclaimed brands, 35 innovative custom products developed, and 21 PMU & Lash certifications earned.

Her transformative influence extends beyond numbers and awards. Lauren has inspired countless individuals to embrace their inner power and build their own empires. Her aura of elegance and ambition is not only inspiring but contagious to anyone that’s lucky enough to work, train or simply hang out with Lauren. 

The best part? She is only getting started. 


Yes. Microblading is one of our most lucrative services. Completing just one client per day can have a profit of up to $500, which most people can have as their only type of income and be comfortable. You will practice on two live models with us. Then you need to complete two more models and have their pictures approved before receiving your certification. Once you graduate you can begin offering the service. Initially, most recent graduates offer the service at 50% while they improve their technique.

When you feel confident, you can begin to increase your pricing.

Absolutely not! Anyone can take this course. You need to be willing and ready to learn, and, of course, to work hard. This course will provide you with a certificate that will allow you to practice semi-permanent make-up and will set you up with the foundation to build a successful career.

Many technicians charge $350-$500 per session and do two services per day. You can complete four services per day if your schedule was completely booked. Depending on your lifestyle, and the amount of time you want to spend working, this career can offer a financially rewarding lifestyle.

Having a natural talent for anything you do is always a bonus. That being said, don’t underestimate what you can achieve from listening, learning, and practicing. We have had several students enroll afraid of semi-permanent makeup and upon completion become our best and most successful graduates. You can accomplish what you put your mind and effort to.

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