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We won’t see you at the Toronto ESI Tradeshow this year –
but we have something BETTER.

Microblading / HDi Embroidery Brow Course

Only $2500 (Reg. $2995) – SAVE $495

Start your new career in the beauty industry or create added revenue for your business with our HDi Embroidery Brow Course. Earn up to $50,000 off your initial kit with this innovative service. Top rated microblading course in North America with our extensive training and grading standards, and our highly-recognized reputation with insurance companies we are confident that we certify the most advanced and successful technicians in the industry.

Nano Brow Pigmentation

Only $3250 (Reg. $3550) – SAVE $300

Looking to add the must-have brow enhancement for 2018 to your services? Nano Brow is the highest paying brow service in the industry offering results that last up to 5 years. Offer your clients the most precise hair-like strokes in permanent makeup. The Nano Brow application is done with the finest permanent makeup nano needle in the industry.

The All-in-one Pigmentation 5 Day Course

Only $5000 (Reg. $5550) – SAVE $550

With this all-in-one course you will learn the most advanced techniques to achieve 10 different looks. Learn nano brow, magic shadow, combination brows, luxury lips, velvet liner & more. Everything you need to learn about permanent makeup techniques, all together in one training. Make the investment and widen your services for your business.

Classic Lash Extensions

Only $1200 (Reg. $1450) – SAVE $250

Looking to earn added revenue or start your career in the beauty industry? Lash extensions are the most desired eye enhancement in the industry. We produce highly skilled lash technicians that start earning up to $50,000 off their initial kit received in class. With our exclusive custom blend of silk and mink lash extensions, high quality product line and top rated training, your guaranteed to meet your true potential.

Volume Lash Extensions

Only $900 (Reg. $1050) – SAVE $150

What better way to enhance your lash services than offering your clients the latest technique and revolutionary lash extensions in the industry. Introducing Lashforever’s custom collection of Volume Lash Extensions which consists of our revolutionary lashing technique where you will learn how to apply up to 4 super-fine single extensions to one single eyelash creating a look that is full of volume that won’t damage or harm your clients natural lashes.

Lash Lift Perming System

Only $325 (Reg. $650) – SAVE $325 – Add Tint for $100

Get certified in the lash lift service and offer your clients this must-have lash enhancement. Offer perfectly curled natural lashes for up to 3 months. The lash lift system consists of a high quality formula that acts like a perm and gives your natural lashes a beautiful curl. This is the perfect solution for clients with straight lashes and you can also pair the lash lift with lash tinting, semi-permanent mascara or lash extensions to enhance the look.

Semi-Permanent Mascara + Lash Lift

Only $625 (Reg. $1050) – SAVE $425 – Add Tint for $100

Add these two unique lash enhancements to your business and offer your clients perfectly curled and mascara coated lashes. We were the first to introduce semi-permanent mascara to the industry in Canada. With our formulated non-clump mascara, it is waterproof, volumizing and the most liquefied pigment in the industry. Paired with our lash lift system, your clients natural lashes will be curled and have the perfect coat of mascara that can last up to 2 weeks.

TT&G Micro Mist Spray Tan

Only $1200 (Reg. $1350) – SAVE $150

Looking to add a service with endless benefits for your clients as well as added revenue for your business with minimal product cost? Our micro mist spray tanning technology is paired with our anti-aging TT&G (Tan Treat n’ Glow) formula which is a unique high-performance formula designed to address the overall health of the skin by ensuring it receives a dose of powerful natural ingredients that moisturizes, restores, renews and firms the skin.

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