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Optional Co-Op Day


Introducing the Optional Co-Op Day

At Lashforever Canada our main goal to ensure our students are prepared and ready to take their new learned skills and grow within their new career, sometimes this takes time and added guidance from our team. We introduced the optional co-op day for students who felt they needed additional assistance after completing their training. The Co-op day is designed to reflect as if the student would be working out of a potential salon or spa and they are able to come into our facility to complete additional models. Trainers and experienced technicians are available to them if they do require feedback.

We find that offering the Co-op day allows students to feel more comfortable in taking their first few models in our facility with trained professionals nearby. An added bonus is the models they complete in our facility are graded by our trainers and can be used towards their model submissions in order to receive their certification. This day is not an additional cost and included in the course price.

When students are registering for their training and placing their deposit they are able to select their co-op day from the drop down options. If you are unsure if you need to attend the additional day, students can also register after they have completed their training if they feel that they require additional help.

Only students who are registering for select Lashforever Canada training courses can attend the Co-Op day.

The optional Co-Op day applies to the following training courses: The optional Co-Op day applies to the following training courses:

• HDi Embroidery Brow / Microblading
• Nano Brow Pigmentation
• Classic Lash Extensions / Volume Lash Extensions
• Ultra Trio Pigmentation
• Areola Pigmentation
• Scalp Pigmentation

The optional Co-Op days are scheduled twice a month. Students are able to select the Co-Op day that follows your training date when registering. Our Co-Op day can host up to 18 students.

The Co-Op day is optional and students are not required to attend. This day is designed for select students who require additional assistance or do not have a space of their own to complete their models. Some students can choose to forgo the optional Co-Op day and complete their models on their own.

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