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Daniel Ferretti Master Class - Toronto, ON

Canada's First

Daniel Ferretti Master Class
Scalp/Camouflage/Female Hairline Pigmentation
Coming Back May 2019

We are excited to welcome World Master Daniel Ferretti to share his knowledge with YOU! This course is for any one with or without previous Permanent Makeup experience. Whether you are looking to perfect and expand your artistry or to start yourself out in the Permanent Makeup industry. We have designed both a master and beginner course full of information to start yourself out in the medical permanent makeup field. This program will help you build your confidence, and empower you while helping you master your craft. Master Daniel Ferretti will share innovative techniques that he has learned through out his years in the Scalp Medical Permanent makeup industry.

Fascinated by art, Daniel Ferretti developed from his childhood a strong passion for artistic expressions. Drawing was and still is his favourite pastime, giving him great potential that one day it would lead him to become the successful, professional he is today.

With his experience he has become a world-class permanent makeup specialist. He was also considered the best scalp micro-pigmentation artist in Brazil in international aesthetic congresses. Through his artistic knowledge and the experience he acquired from international courses, he created and perfected his unique technique of scalp micro-pigmentation with extreme effects of realism.

Today Daniel Ferretti trains people from all over the world through his international specialization courses in scalp micro-pigmentation, both for beginners and professionals.

Scalp Pigmentation – Coming back May 2019!

Learn the latest technique in scalp pigmentation from Daniel Ferretti, his technique features the most natural looking shaved hair appearance in the industry.

This technique offers your clients a stylish finish while adding the appearance of hair.

24 Hours Divided into 3 Days of Training

▪ Anatomy and physiology of the scalp/scar and female hairline
▪ Types of alopecia
▪ Scalp disorders
▪ Scalp micropigmentation technique (male) (female)
▪ Effect of realism with volume and depth
▪ Camouflage of scars caused by hair transplantation (FUE/FUT)
▪ Pigment application techniques, angles and effects
▪ Differences between organic and inorganic pigments
▪ How to use the equipment correctly
▪ How to start and end each session
▪ Ideal design for each type of face
▪ How to evaluate a customer correctly
▪ How to charge for each procedure
▪ Labor market

Professional Mini Kit Will Include

Artificial head for training
Practice skin
Wax pencil
Machines provided
5 Needle Modules

Material provided to students

Artliner Premium Machines

Disposable Gloves in different sizes
Disposable accessories (ie overalls, caps, bed sheets.)
Plastic Film for Machines
Gauze Package
90% Alcohol Spray and Cavi wipes


Permanent Makeup Machines are provided in class our students are welcome to bring their own Digital PMU machine. Must have a 1 point needle module needle. 

The course price does not include a machine. Students are required to bring their own machine or they have full access to Artliner™ machines in class. Students can complete their training using permanent makeup machines in class. Students can also purchase machines at a discounted student rate and financing is available.


Students will receive a Daniel Ferretti certification upon completion of their course.

Scalp Pigmentation Course


*Tax not included

A deposit of $2,400.00+Tax is required in order to book. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Professional Mini Kit
  • NO Models Required
  • Access to machines + pigments
  • Daniel Ferretti Certificate***

Daniel Ferretti Scalp Pigmentation – Deposit


To enroll in Daniel Ferretti’s master classes hosted by Lashforever Canada we require a half non-refundable deposit of $2,425.00+Tax for the master classes to reserve your seat.


Additional information


Scalp Pigmentation Course – May 6-8, 2019 –


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Daniel Ferretti Portfolio

Explore Daniels work in scalp pigmentation. As a world-class pigmentation specialist you will learn these mastered techniques.

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