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brow mapping course

continued education

Brow Mapping Course

Introducing the half day brow mapping course that features advanced techniques introduced to us by the Brow King himself James Olaya. Gain further knowledge in the fundamentals of brow mapping methods, tips and tricks and advanced your skills and knowledge in brow mapping.

Course Details

This course is designed for experienced brow technicians trained in microblading or permanent makeup for brows, who are looking to advanced their brow mapping skills and offer their clients 3 new techniques that were introduced to owner and head trainer Lauren Spencer by world class permanent makeup specialist James Olaya. Incorporate these new techniques with your existing brow mapping and you will be able to create perfectly symmetrical brows in various shapes for your clients.

Add on Course

Add on to your brow mapping course by learning the latest technique in permanent makeup for brows – Magic Shadow. We are the first to bring this technique to Canada. Features a pixelated effect that provides more depth in the brow and a 3-dimensional result. You can pair this technique with the Nano Brow/Hairstroke technique for the ultimate combination brow.

Add on the Magic Shadow Course with your brow mapping course and save $125 – Combo Price $900 (Reg. $1025). Select the Magic Shadow add on below when registering for your Brow Mapping Course to receive the combo price.


● Students will receive their certification after completion of the class.

Course Price


*Tax not included

Full payment required to book.

  • Half Day 4 hour training
  • Professional Mini Kit ($100 Value)
  • Add on Magic Shadow Course (Save $125)
  • Brow Mapping Certificate

Brow Mapping Course – Deposit


To enroll in the Brow Mapping Course by Lashforever Canada we require the course payment in full to reserve your seat in your selected class date.

Course Price: $300+tax

*ADD ON THE MAGIC SHADOW COURSE & SAVE $125* Combo Price $900 (Reg. price – $1025)*

Please note: The Brow Mapping and Magic Shadow course run on the same day (Brow mapping in the morning/Magic Shadow in the afternoon).

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Advance your skills with our new brow mapping course. Learning various techniques from around the world. Hosted by owner Lauren Spencer. The many techniques you will learn, help you to create more precise outlines when creating brow shapes for your clients.

Additional information

Course Date

June 13, 2018 – Toronto, ON (LFC Head Facility), July 25, 2018 – Toronto, ON (LFC Head Facility)

Add on Course

No, Magic Shadow Course (Save $125)


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What our students are saying

"I took the Eyebrow Embroidery course here and it was the best decision I ever made. Not being in the beauty industry, it was a huge step for me, and the training was excellent, I couldn't believe my confidence after the course was finished and all my clients have been really happy. I love what I do now. Lauren and Erin were awesome. Lauren still answers emails from me now, months later, whenever I ask for some advice. This is amazing customer service as she's the owner of Lash Forever, how many other companies would have the CEO or owner email you back directly? She's a superstar. MaryAnn is also so sweet whenever I call, they all all. Thanks again for the excellent training the the advice you guys continue to give."

Mariana Ford

"Had an amazing experience as a lashforever model yesterday! All your staff members were extremely professional and my lashes turned out amazing! Thanks again!"

Taylor Papetti

"So happy I chose to learn Microblading with Lashforever Canada! The technique they teach is so advanced and is the reason I am doing as well as I am in my new career. I flew from Vancouver to take this course and am so confident that it was the best decision I made. I love that I continue to get support and help when I have questions. I have a few friends that learned microblading elsewhere, and after going over everything we've learned and items included in the cost of course, my training was definitely the better deal! Thanks to Lauren to everyone else at Lashforever for their continued support and expertise!"

Tanya DeSousa

"I have taken a few courses here and I am super happy. I recently did the microblading training and the training was exceptional, the trainers were experienced, patient and set me up for success. They made sure I knew my strokes and felt confident with doing proper strokes. The lash Forever facility and everyone there is so friendly, approachable and always willing to help or answer questions. Thank you for caring about my learning and providing such a great learning experience for me."

Wendy Salena Bocas

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