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All-in-one Lip, Eyeliner & Brow Pigmentation Course


All-In-One Luxury Lip, Velvet liner & Multi-Brow Pigmentation – 6 Day Course

Introducing the latest technology & techniques in permanent make up. At Lashforever Canada we strive to continue to educate ourselves in furthering our knowledge and techniques, giving our students the opportunity to grow within their career. Our All-In-One course gives you the very fundamentals of permanent makeup, colour theory, brow/lip/eye design, health and safety, machines & needle knowledge, and learning 10 techniques that have never been seen before. Our All-In-One course is hosted by owner and head trainer Lauren Spencer, who is 11x certified around the world.

Leading Edge Permanent Make up

Our All-In-One pigmentation course focuses on 10 unique techniques that are new to the industry and to Canada. Lauren has trained closely with artists; James Olaya, Roberta Peixoto, and Larisha Martinez to name a few from around the world. Lauren has collaborated multiple techniques into her own. At our facility we have created a program that is the most thorough and  in-depth training in which all techniques fall into one.This helps our aspiring permanent makeup students to master and perfect 10 exclusive techniques. We ease you gradually into the industry and before you know it, you are performing at the highest level.

Brow Enhancements

You will learn 5 techniques that are the newest in the industry which create the most 3D realistic results. Using Artliner exclusively, our needle selections compared to any type of needle in the industry is the most finest module creating the most thinnest hair-like strokes. You will not find this type of attachment with any other program or in any other product line. Using only one type of needle we can create all 5 techniques; Nano brow, combination brow, magic shadow, ombre brows and custom brows. Long lasting results, trusted European made pigments & machines.

Luxury lips/Fresh lips

A compilation of techniques that offers a more revitalized, youthful look to the lips. We can pigment your lips in countless ways; smooth, gradient, glossy, or lipstick effect. This is the most natural form of Micropigmentation and our techniques outstand any other.  Minimal pain, easy healing, and gorgeous natural results. Lasting anywhere from 18 to 24 months. With this treatment that you will be providing for your clients is fully customized.

Our Lip technique can restore colour to lips that become pale or dull over time, colour correct two toned lips, cover odd permanent make up, and can define and add the illusion of volume.

Velvet liner; the liquid look that won’t smudge.

Consists of 3 techniques; liner, lash enhancement and lower liner. Our technique creates a smooth and consistent eyeliner to the clients liking. This not only opens up the eyes but it also brightens, increases volume to the lashes, and adds a youthful subtle look.

Getting Started.

We know starting a business or building more social media awareness is so important for growing your business. In-class discussions on social media marketing, and how to start your business.

Students are provided with a professional starter kit.  Unlike any other facility you will have access to use with our in-class Artliner machines and pigments, all included in the course price. An exclusive student price is offered to our students up to 60 days after the course. If you already have a permanent makeup machine that is compatible with our course, you can bring your own equipment. Financing is available for all courses, machines, and materials.

We offer an optional co-op drop in day (held twice a month) for students who would like to complete 2 additional models in our facility with the feedback from the trainers. Our trainers will be available to answer questions and grade your models which can be used towards your final model submissions in order to receive your certification.

Class Tours

Students registering for our tour class dates are required to bring their own massage table, and portable light (rolling stool if preferred). Students may bring their own permanent makeup machines as long as the machine is compatible with European modules (not Chinese made). Class machines will be provided for use during the training if you do not have your own machine. Machines can be purchased up to 2 weeks prior to your class date for tour dates. If purchasing after your training, machines will be available for purchase and shipped out following your training date.

Please note: Tour dates are subject to cancellations due to inadequate registrations. Students will be provided 2 weeks notice if their class date is canceled and a full refund will be issued. In the case the tour date is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, a new date will be provided.


The Permanent make up Academy, powered by LFC insures all of our students through our insurance company until certified.

● Students are required to complete 3-6 live models in class (models can be provided for students that are out of town / $100 fee per model for students located in the GTA)

● Complete an additional 6 (2 per treatment) models on your own outside of class or 2 during your co-op day that are graded and approved by our trainers.

Course Price

Regular Price: $5550.00* // Sale price $5000.00

*Tax not included

$500+tax deposit required to book

  • 5 Days of 7 hour training
  • Professional Starter Kit
  • Business & Social media guidance
  • Access to in-class Artliner Machines
  • Access to in-class Artliner Pigments
  • Discounted student pricing
  • Access to LFC Support Team
  • Insurance Coverage until certified
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Marketing Material
  • Listing on Online Locator
  • PMU Academy of Canada Certificate


We now offer assisted financing to help you start your new career.


Receive Lash Lift Training for 50% off when booking 1 or more classes.

All-in-one Pigmentation Course – Deposit


To enroll in the All-in-one Lip, Eyeliner & Brow Pigmentation Course by Lashforever Canada we require a $500.00+tax ($1000 for tour courses) non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat in your selected class date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your class date.


Course Sale Price: $5,000+Tax

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Additional information

Course Date

January 21-26, 2019 – Toronto, ON (Head Facility), February 11-16, 2019 – Toronto, ON (Head Facility), March, 25 -30, 2019 – Toronto, ON (Head Facility)


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Lip, Eyeliner & Ombre Brow Portfolio

Our portfolio includes permanent makeup before and afters done by our students and trainers.

What our students are saying

"I took the Eyebrow Embroidery course here and it was the best decision I ever made. Not being in the beauty industry, it was a huge step for me, and the training was excellent, I couldn't believe my confidence after the course was finished and all my clients have been really happy. I love what I do now. Lauren and Erin were awesome. Lauren still answers emails from me now, months later, whenever I ask for some advice. This is amazing customer service as she's the owner of Lash Forever, how many other companies would have the CEO or owner email you back directly? She's a superstar. MaryAnn is also so sweet whenever I call, they all all. Thanks again for the excellent training the the advice you guys continue to give."

Mariana Ford

"Had an amazing experience as a lashforever model yesterday! All your staff members were extremely professional and my lashes turned out amazing! Thanks again!"

Taylor Papetti

"So happy I chose to learn Microblading with Lashforever Canada! The technique they teach is so advanced and is the reason I am doing as well as I am in my new career. I flew from Vancouver to take this course and am so confident that it was the best decision I made. I love that I continue to get support and help when I have questions. I have a few friends that learned microblading elsewhere, and after going over everything we've learned and items included in the cost of course, my training was definitely the better deal! Thanks to Lauren to everyone else at Lashforever for their continued support and expertise!"

Tanya DeSousa

"I have taken a few courses here and I am super happy. I recently did the microblading training and the training was exceptional, the trainers were experienced, patient and set me up for success. They made sure I knew my strokes and felt confident with doing proper strokes. The lash Forever facility and everyone there is so friendly, approachable and always willing to help or answer questions. Thank you for caring about my learning and providing such a great learning experience for me."

Wendy Salena Bocas

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