Introducing Lauren Spencer

Introducing Lauren, a remarkable single mother, visionary entrepreneur, and esteemed beauty connoisseur. With humble beginnings as a lash extension technician, Lauren swiftly blossomed into a multifaceted business maven, captivating the industry with her unparalleled expertise. She boasts an impressive portfolio comprising five distinct brands, each bearing her unique trademark, captivating over 8,100 wholesalers, salons, spas, lash and brow bars, as well as independent retailers worldwide.

Leveraging her innate business acumen, Lauren astutely anticipates the ever-evolving beauty market, complemented by her innate gift for branding, marketing, design, and all things beauty. Her entrepreneurial journey commenced in 2008 when she pioneered Toronto’s inaugural lash sanctuary, The Lash Bar & Medi Spa. Subsequently, in 2012, she triumphantly established Lashforever Canada, solidifying her status as a luminary in the realm of lash and brow artistry.

Lauren’s boundless talent earned her widespread acclaim, gracing the pages of esteemed publications such as Fashion Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine, Elle Magazine, and more. Her mastery as a Master Lash Artist and Brow Design Artist remains unchallenged, garnering loyal clientele across Canada. As a revered mentor, aspiring lash and brow technicians fervently seek her guidance, recognizing her as an invaluable source of inspiration.

Embodying a tireless spirit of personal and professional growth, Lauren embarked on transformative journeys across the globe. From the dazzling landscapes of Dubai to the enchanting shores of Spain, the vibrant streets of England to the bustling metropolises of NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even the captivating realm of Brazil, she explored diverse cultures and honed her skills. With each destination, she immersed herself in local techniques, mastering them with finesse, and subsequently crafted innovative courses to pass on her invaluable wisdom to eager students.

An unprecedented opportunity knocked at Lauren’s door when international businesses offered her exclusive distribution rights to their products in Canada, propelling her further into the retail market. In 2012, she seized the moment and launched her own line of lash extension products under the trademark Lashforever. These exceptional products quickly captured the industry’s attention, but it was the introduction of Revive7 Lash and Brow Serum that truly stole the spotlight. Renowned as the ultimate catalyst for lash and brow growth within an astonishing 14 days, Revive7 became the most recognized product in Lauren’s portfolio. Its resounding success led to the expansion of the Revive7 family, now comprising three remarkable products: The Original Lash & Brow Serum, Brow Serum, Revive7 Mascara, and Revive7 Hair.

When questioned about the secret of her success, Lauren attributes it to her unwavering dedication and unrelenting work ethic. She invests countless hours at the headquarters, providing exemplary services, training aspiring students, and collaborating with her incredible team. Even after tending to her children’s needs and enjoying cherished moments with them, she tirelessly works late into the night, fueled by her passion for Lashforever Canada and her unwavering commitment to Revive7. Witnessing the bustling headquarters, with shipments being prepared for wholesalers, students honing their techniques in training rooms, and her team gearing up for new product launches, fills her with immense satisfaction and serves as a constant inspiration to take her business to new heights.

Lauren’s journey as a single mom, entrepreneur, and beauty expert showcases the power of determination and the pursuit of excellence. Her story resonates as a testament to the transformative potential within each of us when we combine our natural talents with unwavering dedication. With Lauren at the helm, the future of the beauty industry shines brighter than ever before.

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