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Become a RETAIL Partner

Selling retail products to a client at the end of a service is the most effective way to increase your profitability. Lashforever Canada offers products that you can sell easily knowing that they will maximize the benefits of the service. These products are: Revive7, Style Brow Soap, Style Misting Spray, and the Dermedics Youth Expert products.

Do you have a beauty business? Let us explain to you how selling retail can increase your hourly rate by 38%. Do you own a salon, spa, or lash/brow bar? Let us demonstrate the amazing increase in profitability you can experience by just selling three retail products a day.

Become a Distribution Partner

A distributor differs from a retailer as a retailer sells products to predominantly their existing clientele. A distributor may sell retail products to consumers (B2C), but their focus is the beauty industry (B2B). A distributor also sells professional products such as lashes, pigments, adhesives, toners, cooling gels, setting lotions, accessories, and health and safety items.

The beauty market is immense; there are over 15,000 salons in Canada, over 3,000 spas, and the number of lash and brow bars is steadily increasing. A recent search for lash bars in Calgary alone returned over 160 entries.

We offer excellent margins to Distributors to sell four brands, Lashforever (lash extension products), Revive7 (serums), HDi (brow products), and Style Brow (brow styling products). Lashforever has over 160 products and over 880 SKUs in their product lines. We know that there is an untapped market that will love the quality and appreciate the credibility of Lashforever Canada. Distributors can represent LFC with confidence knowing that every item has been properly manufactured, and market tested, with a proven history.

Become a Training Partner

In 2020, we faced an interesting challenge; our new OPT Training was flourishing, but we were forced to turn away students who could not travel to our location because of Covid-19 restrictions. Our solution was to actively recruit experienced technicians to provide training in other provinces and Northern Ontario.

Training Partners benefit from our online marketing iniatives which reach potential students across Canada. They also benefit from the years, yes years, of copywriting, photography, and videography that we have invested to build informative, interesting, and engaging online content.

Businesses who provide training, leverage this opportunity to attract new clients. Clients love to receive their services from an industry expert!

If you have at least three certifications and five years experience as a technician, and would like to become a Certified Training Partner; contact Nicole at 416-259-1212.


With almost a decade of formulating, manufacturing, branding, and marketing beauty products, our team can bring your product concept to market. We offer the following services:

Product Formulation

Leverage our relationships with pharmacists and chemists to create your beauty product. This stage can often be the most challenging and require several formulations to create the ideal product.

Product Branding

Identifying the target market, creating a unique selling proposition, differentiating your product from competitors, and developing a name, logo, tag line and identity.

Product Packaging

Creating beautiful packaging that captures the consumer’s attention while maintaining a realistic budget is our goal.


Let our experienced team build you a microsite or website to promote your product. Our creative team includes a creative director, graphic artists, copywriters, and web master.

Marketing Strategy

We are experts in the beauty industry and know how to market beauty to both segmented and broad markets. We believe in meaningful results oriented marketing that generates recognition, sales, and revenue.

Product Knowledge

Training your team how to share the benefits and value of your product with consumers and retailers is critical to getting the buy-in. We will help you craft a compelling story and a 60-second elevator for your product.

Sales Strategy

Marketing and sales automation are the key to a streamlined successful sales machine. Our team has two experienced sales and marketing experts that will help you develop a strategy and utilize tools that will cause your sales to soar.

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