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Problem with Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The # 1 Problem with Eyelash Extension Tweezers, And How You Can Fix It

There are so many eyelash tweezers on the market. Eyelash tweezers for eyelash extension are intended to aid in the finer elements of lash artistry.  As a lash artist, eyelash extension equipment must be used from start to finish.

As a result, learning the use of expert tweezers is a critical step in mastering the art of eyelash extension.

Different kinds of eyelash tweezers

Because of the form of their tips, professional eyelash extension tweezers are distinguished by their lash tweezers‘ tips. Tips are VERY important since they are utilised throughout the application process to pick, select, and separate eyelashes.

Straight, curved, and L-shaped tips are all available, and each serves a specific purpose.

Straight tweezers, often known as I-shape tweezers, are great for isolation and the basic lash extension procedure. For isolation, we recommend using thin and long curved or I-shaped curved tweezers, such as our own. The larger and shorter I-shape tweezers are ideal for traditional lash extensions.

F Shape: F shape lash extension tweezers are great for separating and attaching traditional lash extensions.

A Shape: Tweezers with an A-shaped tip are ideal for taking up and fastening traditional lash extensions.

X Shape: These X shape tweezers are ideal for classic lash extensions since they can grip the classic extension without putting too much stress on your palm.

S Shape: S shape lash extension tweezers are ideal for picking up and attaching fans during volume lash extensions. This sort of isolation can also be employed on individuals with large foreheads or deep eye sets.

L Shape: L shape lash extension tweezers are great for making handcrafted volume fans as well as picking up and attaching them.

Round shape: Round tip lash tweezers are ideal for isolation, or removal of  eye pads after treatment since their round points are safe.

By Texture

The most notable ones used for professional eyelash extension tweezers are stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless tweezers are much more resistant to rust than metal tweezers, but they can still rust if not properly cared for. Keep in mind that stainless tweezers include a trace of nickel, which might trigger allergic responses in certain people.

Titanium tweezers are much lighter than steel tweezers and are rust-free. It is a very strong but springy substance that is ideal for professional eyelash extension tweezers. It is also frequently utilized for medical operations because of its allergy-free nature.

Magnetic vs Non-magnetic

For professional applications, magnetic or non-magnetic tweezers are offered. Using magnetic tweezers, especially in dry regions, might cause issues in the eyelash extension operation; for your comfort, we suggest using non-magnetic tweezers.

How to Pick the Best Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions?

When it comes to selecting the best set of eyelash extension tweezers for professional use, there are a few to take into account. To choose which tweezers are best for you, ask yourself the following questions.

What kind of extension methods do you intend to use?

For the Classic Extension

For the classic lash extension, this is the most widely used eyelash extension tweezer. Lashforever Staight  tweezers in stainless steel or pink and are incredibly flexible and adjustable to any angle.

For the Russian Volume Extension

These L shape Lashforever Canada extension tweezers are ideal for making customized volume fans as well as picking up and inserting them.

For the Premade Lash Fans Extension

The versatile S-shaped RV-Curve tweezers make it easy to pick up the prefabricated lash fans and cut down on following times.

What process will you employ the tweezers for?


During the technique, you will need to make an infinite number of very delicate grip/ungroup motions. This is why we always recommend our Perfect Pro Lash Extension Tweezers, which give the right amount of precision and flexibility.

This can quickly fatigue your hand; thus, isolation tweezers should be lightweight and have a low grip tension.

The weight of the grip:

 Many artists neglect this when selecting eyelash extension tweezers. However, this can have a significant influence on the health of your finger joints, wrist, and general posture.

As a result, select a pair of tweezers with the proper grip tightness and weight for your hand.

It is vital to realize that there are no universal tweezers. Consider the determining variables listed above, but remember to select a pair that is both comfortable on your hands and appropriate for your chosen technique.

How to Make Eyelash Extension Tweezers Last Longer?

So you’ve finally discovered your ideal pair of tweezers. That’s fantastic! Now you must ensure that they last.

Use different tweezers for thin lash extensions (such as 0.07mm) and thicker lash extensions, such as our HDi Brow tweezers . Be sure to also remove any glue from the tweezers as soon as possible! The adhesive on the tweezers might cause an imbalance in weight distribution and damage to the tweezers. To remove the discoloration, use a tweezer cleaning or eyelash adhesive remover.

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