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Even the prettiest packaging needs a little makeover! Our Keratin Lash Lift Kit got a “Face Lift” recently with new, fresh, modern packaging.

The new packaging reflects the improved formulation of the Lash Perming Solution. The new perming solution provides a stronger curl and stronger hold, while still being nourishing and promoting the health of your lashes.

Also new to the Lash Lift Kit is our Lash Cleansing Foam. The cleansing foam is an add-on service that you could charge an additional fee for. This step removes oil from the lashes and helps the lash lift to last longer.

The Lash Lift Kit has products that should allow you to service 35 clients if the products are used as directed. Yes – that’s the opportunity to earn approximately $3,000 in service revenue!

If you’re considering taking our Online Lash Lift and Tint course, this is a great time to enroll! The course includes the new Lash Lift Kit and a broad range of other products that total $380 in value. The cost of the course is only $500 – it’s tremendous value! New lash lift technicians usually charge $65 – $95 for this service. You simply can’t lose with this service!

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