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Post-Pandemic Reflections

It’s been a few months since we were able to open our doors and welcome students and clients into our Lash Bar and training facility. It feels so good to be training again, to be offering services, and to be able to see people face-to-to face versus screen-to-screen.

As we reflect on the struggles, the challenges, and the triumphs. We can’t help but reflect on the two years, and how it has impacted our future business. Here’s what we learned.

  1. Retail can sustain a business. When Covid-19 caused us to close our doors, not once, but twice; we questioned if our business could survive. It did survive and our life raft was Revive 7. Our series of Revive7 serums literally kept our business afloat.
  2. Selling retail products to consumers is not optional when offering a service. We have made selling retail to clients a focus. We encourage every lash technician and permanent makeup artist to talk about aftercare and take-home products. And we reward them by giving them a commission on every sale. They make more money, we make more money, and the client benefits from healthier lashes, brows, and skin.
  3. Skin care services need to be on the service menu. Skin care services are repeat services. Skin care services generate more retail sales. Permanent makeup services are very lucrative; however, clients may not need to return for two to three years. Skin care services can be offered three or four times a year, maybe even more often!
  4. Constant Innovation is necessary. Covid-19 caused us to change how we delivered our training. We have continued to innovate, invest in, and improve our training offerings. We know, without a doubt, that businesses who stagnate will become extinct. 

So we challenge you to ask these three questions:

Question 1 – What can I do to generate more gross sales?

Question 2 – What can I do to make my business more cost efficient?

Question 3 – How can I offer more value to my clients?

Reflect on these questions and let us know your thoughts. Email me at I promise to reply to every message. 

Linda – Lashforever Canada – Business Development and Marketing Strategist.

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