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Four Things to Look for in Choosing a Lash and Brow Training Facility

Choosing a training facility can be confusing! Here are four things you need to consider when selecting an in-class or online training program.

1.Years of Experience. Look for a credible training facility with at least five years of training. There are inexperienced technicians with just a few years of practice now offering training. Would you want to be taught to swim by someone who had only be swimming for three years? Chances are they are simply rehashing material that they learned somewhere else.

Lashforever Canada has been offering training since 2012. And all of our material was created by us and is constantly updated; the online material is audited and augmented twice a year by our media team as new video footage is shot. This ensures our material is fresh and relevant.

2. Reviews. Reviews. Reviews. Read the reviews from various sources. We have great reviews on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We also have reviews for individual courses on our website which outlines the courses, and on our online store.

Here are just a few of our accolades:

I went to Lashforever Canada to learn henna brows, brow lamination, classic lash extensions, and lash lift & tint over several days. Mary-ann taught almost all of the classes and was absolutely amazing. She made sure everyone understood and that we were all comfortable before moving on to the next section. She even took my non-girlyness, punky nature into account when discussing marketing ideas after each class. Everyone was very sweet and already knew me by name after the first day. I can’t wait to go back for more classes!

Janet Lewis

I have taken multiple classes at Lash Forever Canada!! The instructors are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone in the beauty industry. Brow lamination was one of the most recent classes I took. Laura and Maryanne are extremely talented and so helpful at lash forever. The best school ever thanks for the amazing experience ladies 

Mikayla Riggi

This school is truly amazing
I completed the Online Henna & Design Course and it was extremely throughout and informative!
The ladies at the school are always just a phone call or email away and are so friendly!
This is the school for you!!

Jess Barbosa

After doing some research on the best Lash tech school, I stumbled upon Lashforever Canada. Super thankful I did!
From the minute I walked in the doors I felt welcomed and everyone was extremely professional and helpful.
I completed the Classic Eyelash Extension course with Mary Ann as my trainer.
Mary Ann is so professional and amazing at what she does. She was so thorough, patient and knowledgable. Because of Mary Ann I decided to take the Master Lash Certificate.
I feel extremely grateful for my experience at Lashforever Canada

Adi Bloom

3. Pictures Say a 1000 Words. Look at the pictures on the website. Ask yourself these questions. Does the facility look credible? Is the training done in someone’s home or at a place that caters to education? Are the students engaged in their training? Are there multiple images or does it look like all the photos were shot on one day? Are there examples of “Before and After” work?
A credible facility will have recent machines, reputable products, proper sanitation stations for PMU, individual practice areas that are socially distanced, and will cover health and safety protocol including new Covid-19 precautions.

4. Cheap is not value. It’s often our nature to want the best deal or lowest price. However, cheap is not the same as value. Choose a course or training facility that combines quality products with a sterling reputation. At Lashforever Canada, we are not the cheapest choice, nor do we want to be. We know that the products we include in our kits are the best on the market. We pride ourselves on providing on-going support to our in-class and online students.

In some cases, like our online Dermedics Courses, which are BB Glow, Calm Glow, and Clear Glow, and our online TT & G Tanning Course; the training component costs almost nothing! The cost of these online courses covers the cost of the amazing products in the kits. We offer the training because we want you to understand the incredible benefits of the service and get the maximum value of the product.

Obviously, we hope that you choose to advance your career with us! However, in whatever program you choose, we wish you success in your new career as a lash technician or permanent makeup artist. This is the greatest industry, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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