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5 Tips When Lashing Someone With Sensitive Eyes

Lash extensions can become quite irritating for someone with sensitive eyes. Being mindful of the guests possible sensitivities will allow you to create the best service possible for them. Causing minimal irritation before and throughout the process will result in relaxed and less sensitive eyes. Keep reading to learn 5 tips when lashing someone who is sensitive.

1. Have Client Remove Eye Makeup

Before starting a full set or fill, it’s important to always remove any oils or makeup left on the skin. Although we are very gentle, it is sometimes best to let the client do this step when they are extra sensitive – this way the client can use the amount of pressure they would normally use. If the client has no makeup on, you can simply provide them with a cotton pad or wipe to remove oils. If the client has makeup on, set them up with some lash shampoo and a brush. If their eyes are still irritated after being washed, rinse with cold water and let the eyes naturally dry before proceeding.

2. Minimal Tape

Tape can add to irritation but also prevent it. Make sure to be extremely strategic with tape and not over-stretch or over-apply. Too much tape can also create more irritation on the skin itself when removing. Always use tape that is made for sensitive skin. If the tape is still too strong, remove some tackiness before applying it by placing it on the back of your hand a few times.

3. Avoid Talking To Prevent Fluttering

As much as we love to catch up with our clients, try to do this prior. Once the treatment starts, explain to your clients that the eyes flutter and open as we speak. This will only add irritation as fumes will make the eyes tingle and water. Don’t add this irritation to the service. 

4. Use a Fan 

A lash extension fan is always great to have for anyone experiencing tingling. This can be given to the client to use as they please or even be used by yourself every so often. Make sure the lashes are dry so extensions don’t stick together before.

5. Technique 

Although you should always make sure your technique is proper, this is one of the main reasons people experience sensitivity. Make sure your lash extensions are not applied too close to the lid and never apply lashes that are too thick for the client’s natural lashes. Heavy lashes will result in premature shedding and lash damage.

Lash extension appointments can be a time for your client to wind down and relax. Use these tips to ensure your client is comfortable and has the best experience possible. Questioning if lash extensions are the ideal option for your client? Check out this blog to learn more.

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