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Lash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts

Lash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts

A common misconception about lash enhancements is that “Lash Extensions are dramatic and lash lifts are natural” and that’s that. The truth is, lash extensions can be extremely natural and lash lifts can also give drama. Understanding the difference between the two makes it easier to understand what sort of outcome you can achieve with either a lash lift or a full set of extensions. 

Technique Difference

So what  is the difference between the two? A lash lift utilizes your natural lashes and perms them to have a curled shape. Lash extensions use a technique to bond a lash extension to each single natural lash.

Lash Lifts:

This service starts with a thorough cleaning of the eye area before pads are placed on the upper lids. These pads are applied with gentle lash lift glue to hold the pads in place. Your technician will then brush the lashes up onto the pad with the same specialized glue to hold the lashes in place to be permed. Once the lashes are in place, you get to relax as the perm sets for 10-15 minutes and then again for the same amount of time while being neutralized. This service can end with a lash tint and then some nourishing oil to rehydrate the lashes. This is an hour long service that  can be very relaxing as you lay.

Lash Extensions:

Lash extensions are a more technical service, where your lash artist will apply one lash extension onto each one of your strong natural lashes. One lash extension is picked up with tweezers while the other hand isolates one natural lash. The technician then dips the end of the extension in glue to bond your natural lash and extension together. A lash technician uses different sizes and sometimes thicknesses and curls for the perfect lash pattern to achieve your desired look. Depending on each person’s natural lashes, the lash technician will repeat this on all lashes strong enough- sometimes clients have up to 200+ lashes on each eye! This tedious job can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on the style chosen or amount of lashes a client has.

What Lash Extensions vs Lash Lift can modify

Both of these services modify the appearance of the lashes in some way. Lash lift  service modifies the curl and the colour of the lashes. Lash extensions can modify the curl, length, and thickness. Both of these services enhance the eyes to create different desired looks.

Desired Look

If you are someone who has long thick lashes but is just missing out on a curl, lash lifts are perfect for you. If you are looking for added length or drama, lash extensions are then best.

You would be surprised by the difference a lash lift itself can make, this is a great place to start if you have never had a lash service before. On the opposing side, lash extensions can give you more options such as creating a more open eye look or  a sultry cat-eye shape. 

Final Decision / Consult With Lash tech

If you are still unsure of which service   would suit your lashes best, we always recommended a consultation. Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts  can become the perfect addition to your routine to save time in the mornings and avoid makeup. Like  mascara that has to be removed at the end of each day !

For inspiration, check out our Instagram @lashforevercanada_ or @thelashbar – this can be helpful to show to your technician before your service!

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