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Why Washing Your Lash Extensions is Important

“I’m scared to clean my lashes, I don’t want them to fall out!!” How many times do we hear this fear from our clients? Lash techs, it’s our job to inform our clients this is NOT TRUE! Did you know, not washing your lashes actually does the opposite? You read that right, not washing your lashes WILL make your lashes fall out faster. 

Lashes are meant to collect dead skin and oils from getting into our eyes. This means our lash extensions are naturally filled with dead skin etc. We must clean our lashes so this does not break down the adhesive bond, or worse, irritate eyes and create a perfect environment for an abundance of lash mites. Ew is right! Keep reading to learn more about proper lash hygiene.

Poor Lash Hygiene Risks

There are many risks involved with not washing your lash extensions properly, but most importantly, the effects it can have on our hygiene can be quite surprising. Naturally, the scary truth is everyone has a small number of microscopic lash mites within our lash lines called Demodex mites. Now, normally this is no issue as they do what they are supposed to do and we continue to live a happy naive life. The issue arises when bacteria in the lash line is left and the perfect environment is created for an abundance of these mites. Bacteria being; makeup, oil, dry skin, etc, all clog and create an unhealthy environment for our lashes. All the contributors can result in blepharitis, dry eyes/ flaky lash line, styes, continuous irritation, and pre mature lash loss.

Notice within the photo, a clogged lash line with debris causing irritation.

How To Properly Wash Lashes

Now that we’ve talked about the scary truth of poor hygiene, your probably wondering how you can avoid these issues in the first place. For starters, to wash your lashes properly, you need to invest in a lash shampoo that is made specifically not to break down lash glue-unlike random cleansers. 

Step 1: Start by pumping a small amount of lash shampoo onto one eye, and let this sit for a second to start breaking down all the oils and bacteria. 

Step 2: If you have a lash cleansing brush, start brushing downwards through the lashes to start lifting all the dirt. If you do not have a lash cleansing brush, lip brushes work great or you can use your mascara wand given at your lash appointment to brush through the shampoo.

Step 3: Next, start to flush the eye with lukewarm water (too hot can ruin glue bond) and wipe up and under lashes with a wipe or lint-free pad. Start by gently rub under the lash line, and get right in between the lashes to check if there is any sign of makeup or dead skin left. If so, repeat step 2 again.

Step 4: Once there is no sign of anything left in the lash line, flush your eye with water to ensure all the shampoo is rinsed.

Step 5: Pat your face dry but do not rub your lashes. Allow your lash extensions to naturally dry or pat gently with a lint-free pad. Once they have dried, fluff out with a clean mascara wand and you are all set!

How Often Do I Need To Wash My Lashes?

This easy 5 step cleaning process can be done 2-3 times a week to maintain cleanliness. If you are naturally more oily or sweat a lot, you may find you will want to practice this routine more often. For example, If you get back from the gym and you know you just had a killer workout, chances are you probably were sweating and it is a great idea to remove those oils as soon as possible from your lash line. This way the oil does not have a chance to break down the glue bond or irritate your eyes.

Minimizing Makeup

If you are reading this and are thinking to yourself “I literally wear makeup every single day!” then as you probably already guessed, you will need to clean your lashes every night. The truth is, makeup is not the most compatible product with lash extensions normally. Why? Because most makeup for the eye area contains some type of oil. Eyeshadows are also one of the least compatible makeup products as they immediately replicate dead skin cells (just with a pretty pigment). As eyeshadow combines with your oils, it starts to suffocate the pores around your eyes. So the truth is, its best to avoid these sorts of products as much as you can with lash extensions to achieve the longest possible lash retention and lash health.

** Lashforever Canada Lash Extension Daily Wear Mascara is Formulated to work with lash extensions without breaking down the adhesive and can be easily removed with lash shampoo**

Now we hope you have all the knowledge to care for your lash extensions properly so you can go longer between fills and avoid nasty bacterial build-ups. Wanting to learn more?

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