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Why You Should Change Your Skincare Routine Every Season

Once a season changes, we often think of all the exciting new outfits we will get to wear, and the vibrant changes of the leaves. What commonly gets forgotten, is how our skin and body change with every season. It’s a good indicator you need to switch up your skincare routine as the weather and your lifestyle changes throughout the year. Why is this? Different temperatures and sun exposure levels have different effects on your skin- you always want to be prepared, no matter where you are and what the weather is.

What sort of changes does your skin go through?

Depending on the season, changes can differ, but the most common types of changes your skin goes through are;

This is the most common reason for people believing their skincare products “just aren’t working anymore”. Although that isn’t necessarily wrong, it isn’t normally because of a tolerance build-up or the lack of quality in the product. Most times when you feel you’ve grown out of a product, your skin has simply just changed (as it should). 

So how do you tailor your routine to the concerns? We will make it easy for you.


Proper hydration in our skin is surprisingly one of the hardest skincare concerns to achieve. Since most of the water we drink never reaches our skin, we rely on topical hydrating products. During those summer months, we all have felt those hot days when you just want to bring a swimming pool everywhere you go. Imagine how your skin feels! This is a month which without a doubt you need to make sure hydrating products are at the top of your concern.

Many people overlook hydration, as they confuse dehydration with dryness. Since dry skin comes from a lack of oil (which definitely isn’t the case in the summer), people commonly assume it means no moisturizer is needed during these hot months.

Dehydration comes from a lack of water, so you can quickly see how this becomes a problem. Proper hydration of the skin can even help regulate your oil production. The quick fix here is simply changing from an oil-based to a water-based moisturizer and maybe the odd hydrating mask too!

Oil Production

Oil production levels are always changing during the year, but once the cold weather starts to come around, our skin starts to struggle alone. Unlike the summer when we are commonly sweating and our pores seem more enlarged, our pores can seem to appear smaller in the winter, as they try to keep as much oil in the skin as possible.

To avoid flakey skin with dry patches, switching your skincare routine to have a higher abundance of oils is key. Try changing your cleanser to something without exfoliating chemicals and instead, a gentle cream cleanser, that won’t extract so much of your natural oils. Some people also like to add oil-based serums to keep the skin rich in all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Best of all, a moisturizer serum duo, that is high in nutrients during the winter season.

Exposure Levels

Please please please don’t throw the SPF away once you feel the cool brisk coming in the air. Although rays aren’t as strong in colder months, it’s an incorrect misconception that sunscreen is only needed in the summer. Since the rays aren’t as strong, you won’t need to re-apply as often or use such a high coverage SPF. For the summer months, we do recommend using a SPF 50.

Abundance Of Dead Skin Cells

In the fall and spring, our skin starts to turn over to change and modify for the upcoming hot or cold months. This causes an abundance of dead skin cells that can often clog pores and lead to breakouts and unwanted texture. During these months, add a chemical exfoliant to your routine to help this process. The chemicals will eat up all the dead skin cells and make this easy for you. 

Like our skin, our hair/ lashes go through the same cycle. If you have lash extensions, you may have experienced this with your appointments. A great product to add to your routine during these changes over months is a hair growth serum for your lashes and brows. This can help the transition become more smooth, as you won’t notice the loss of hair as much thanks to these serums.

Choosing the right product to switch to every change of seasons can be a game-changer for peoples skin. Especially if you experience the cold Canadian winters, you are at risk for eczema, winter rashes/irritation, and angry dermatitis. Using the right products can help minimize or avoid these sorts of problems people face every day as their skin changes. Everyone has different skin and different concerns, but these are some general rules of change you can expect with your skin during the change of seasons.

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