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August 2021

A common misconception about lash enhancements is that “Lash Extensions are dramatic and lash lifts are natural” and that's that. The truth is, lash extensions can be extremely natural and lash lifts can also give drama. Understanding the difference between the two makes it easier to understand what sort of outcome you can achieve with either a lash lift or a full set of extensions.

“I’m scared to clean my lashes, I don’t want them to fall out!!” How many times do we hear this fear from our clients? Lash techs, it’s our job to inform our clients this is NOT TRUE! Did you know, not washing your lashes actually does the opposite? You read that right, not washing your lashes WILL make your lashes fall out faster. Lashes are meant to collect dead skin and oils from getting into our eyes.

Once a season changes, we often think of all the exciting new outfits we will get to wear, and the vibrant changes of the leaves. What commonly gets forgotten, is how our skin and body change with every season. It’s a good indicator you need to switch up your skincare routine as the weather and your lifestyle changes throughout the year. Why is this? Different temperatures and sun exposure levels have different eff

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