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Why You Should Add Brow Lamination to Your Service List

Brow services have dominated the beauty industry and Brow Laminations are no exception. This has become the new must-have service because of its fast appointment time and long-lasting results. There are a variety of brow options to choose from and to offer your clients. As a brow artist or esthetician, it’s important to offer each of your clients a solution that works best for them. This is the perfect treatment for clients who are always on the go or for someone who wants to utilize their natural brow and create a more full and uniform look.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of exactly what a brow lamination is, and how you can benefit from adding it to your service list in 2021.

What Is A Brow Lamination?

A Brow Lamination application is a semi-permanent lift for the brows to give your clients that naturally effortless look. This service will keep your client’s brow hair perfectly fluffy and in place for up to 2 months. This is the equivalent to a Lash Lift but for your brows, as it is a perm too.

Your brow hairs are still moveable but with the benefit of being able to brush them outwards without them immediately fling them back down. Everyone knows the struggle of using a brow gel and then looking in the mirror an hour later and your hairs being completely matted out of place. This is the perfect solution to this common problem.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Anyone with medium to full brows is ideal for Brow Lamination, unfortunately, it is not well suited to clients who have very thin or sparse brows (Revive7 hair growth serum can be used to grow brow hair). It’s perfect for someone with thick brows who is looking to redirect their brow hairs and have a polished but fluffy look. Brow laminations are also ok for all skin types. Brow Laminations are truly unlike any other treatments on the market for brows today.

Can This Service Be Paired With Others?

This service can easily be added to other services. Lash Lifts are one amazing pair for laminations, as you can complete a brow lamination within the same time as a lash lift. This is because lash lifts on average take 10 minutes to perm, during this period you can do the same to the brows. Coordinating the waiting time so at the end of the service, your clients leave with flawless brows and lifted lashes in half the time. Goals!

Another perfect service to add, which is also available as an add-on to our brow lamination courses, is brow henna. This makes your brows to the next level, as it dyes your brow hairs and skin. Brow henna is semi-permanent and a great option for someone who hates brow makeup.

Brow Alternative For PMU

Permanent makeup has also become extremely mainstream within the past years. While some are still not ready to try, this comes as a great service for Permanent Makeup Artists to offer. This could act as a step into the idea, and allow them to ease into modifying their brows. You always want to be able to accommodate all your clients, and this is a great way how you can.

Brow Laminations overall are a quick and effective service that can be added to your service list sooner than you think! Check out this link to see the next course date and available location. For any further questions or inquiries about this course, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!

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