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Lash Lift Tips For the Perfect Lift

The perfect solution to the all so frightening tool we call a “Lash Curler”. A Lash Lift results in curled lashes for months, not just one day (if that). As a Lash Technician, we want to provide our guests with quality services that are sanitary and leave long-lasting results. Keep reading to learn our checklist on how to perform the perfect Lash Lift.

Proper Assessment ✔️

Assessing your client’s eyes is the first and one of the most important steps. You should be assessing the length of their lashes so you then can decide what silicon pad size to use. Along with length, the thickness should be considered, so you know how long to process the lash lift. Improper assessment can lead to lashes not being permed much at all, or the lashes being singed off. Two things we want to avoid!

Cleanse Area ✔️

Make sure to create a clean and oil-free area where you will be working. This includes around the eyes but most definitely throughout the lashes. You want no trace of makeup left, and just when the lashes are clean and ready to go, don’t forget to prime to get rid of any last oils. Remember, you will be restoring oil in your last step, to keep your client’s lashes strong and healthy!

Pad Application ✔️

This is a tricky step but when mastered your last lifts become flawless! The number 1 frustrating thing we find happens when applying the silicon pads, is the corners flicking up. Before applying glue on the backs, role them to create a natural bend in them. They should not be straight, but instead, compliment the curve of your client’s eye. This will already avoid the pads from removing as much but also apply pressure for 30 seconds when placing to make sure it has stuck to the lid.

Expert Lift ✔️

Gentle but effective. When brushing the lashes upwards, you want a tight lift that creates the water line to show. With this in mind, you do not want to cause your client discomfort and twitchy eyes. Make sure the lashes are straight and unmatted when gluing or else they will perm messy instead of uniform. You can correct areas by applying a touch more glue and use tweezers if needed to straighten the individual lashes.

Solution Placement ✔️

When applying the keratin perm solution, only apply on ½- ⅔ and not on tips to avoid breakage. The curl will come from the base and middle of the lash, so there is no need to perm the tips which easily break off. Make sure to apply perm to the inner and outer corners as these areas are commonly missed. When viewing from a birds-eye view perspective it may seem they are covered. Tilt your head to the side to truly see if you have applied on the corners of the pads. When applying the keratin setting solution, this can be applied to the same areas or all over the lashes.

Finishing Touches ✔️

Our favourite combo with a lash lift is of course a tint! This can be offered once the lashes have finished setting. If you do decide to tint, this step helps remove the perm, making the whole removal process much easier. Once you have removed everything, use our keratin nourishing gel to hydrate lashes and remove any last glue residue. The last thing to do is to educate your client about aftercare. Aftercare is easy but also very important in the first 24 hours. Your clients can not get their lashes wet for the first 24 hours or apply any pressure on them (this is for you stomach sleepers).

With these insider tips on how to achieve the perfect Last Lift, your clients will be addicted to this low maintenance service. Make sure to re-book your clients every 2-3 months for the best results!

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