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How to Choose Safe Pigments for PMU in 2021

With so many permanent makeup brands on the market today, it can be hard to know how to choose what is best for your clients. How are you supposed to choose? A lot more goes behind choosing pigment colours than just liking the colour itself. This guide will help you understand/ identify the good and the bad of pigments.

What Could Happen If I Use The Wrong Pigments?

When using the incorrect pigments, pigments can discolour, react to sunlight, the colour can “bleed” which means the pigment spreads, and lastly the pigments can also be too heavy and sink very deep, lasting years (not in a good way).

Where Should I Get My Pigments From?

Pigments should be made where there is high-quality control. The European Union has the highest safety protocol, making European pigments very popular. Other countries have lower standards in regards to the quality of ingredients and the use of safe ingredients. Artliner is a European brand we at Lashforever Canada use, sell, and trust. Artliner is known for its clean ingredients and proper molecule sizing for both PMU and Microblading pigments.

Organic Pigments Vs Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic pigments have a mineral origin, meaning they come from things like stones, rocks, and mineral ores. These pigments often fade to a discoloured red pigment and the particles of inorganic pigments are much larger than the organic pigment particles. This is why our defence cells identify them as a threat and immediately try to expel them from our bodies.

Organic pigments come from vegetal and animal origins. They are biocompatible with our body and their particles are smaller than those inorganic pigments. This means our body does not see inorganic pigments as a threat and allows them to stay in place much better than organic pigments.

The goal is to disrupt the skin barrier as little as possible to avoid bleeding and scar tissue. Pigments that stay in place are crucial for this, paired with the proper technique.

Cheaper Isn’t Better

Permanent makeup pigments are not an area where you want to find “cheap dupes”. You will pay for the quality of the pigment and this goes for machines and needles too. Permanent makeup is not something you want to gamble with, your clients will trust you to provide them with high-quality results.

Make sure you are performing to the best ability you can by learning the ins and outs of pigments to start! Save this blog for reference when shopping for new pigments! We recommend Artliner Pigments that offer a range of neutral colours, vibrant lip colours and even unique colour correcting pigments.

For any further questions about pigments, don’t hesitate to ask at!

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