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Are you looking to grow your esthetician business?

Well, look no further because we can offer you the best training classes, for all the latest and trendy beauty enhancement procedures on the market.

If you’re not sure where to look, we’ve put together a guide of all the hot training services we offer, explaining what each one is, and the earning potential it can bring you.

Let us dive into the tools that shape our beauty toolbox:


HDi Embroidery Brow/ Microblading


Microblading has been a popular beauty enhancement trend over the past couple years. Otherwise known as embroidery, or micro-stroking, this is a form of semi-permanent makeup that simulates the look of fine eyebrow hair using cosmetic tattoo pigment.

Typical prices for microblading, depending on your geographic location, range from $250-$500. This is usually a 2 appointment procedure involving a consultation and an application day, then a touch up treatment.



Nano Brow Pigmentation


The latest brow enhancement to hit the industry is a technique called Nano brow, or Nano Needle. This is the newest form of permanent makeup that is applied using a permanent makeup machine and the finest needle in the industry at 0.18mm, like tattooing but less-permanent. We have created our own custom Nano Brow technique using the German-made Artliner permanent makeup collection which is exclusive to Lashforever Canada as the Canadian Distributor.

This new beauty enhancement procedure costs typically around $750-$850.



Lash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are the most popular eye enhancement trend in the beauty industry. Lash extension is the process of taking singular synthetic, mink, and silk lashes and applying them one by one to the existing lashes to create a more dramatic look.

This beauty trend can retain lucrative revenue for your business since it is of high demand. The average procedure can cost from $150-250 for a full set, depending on the quality of lashes used.



Volume Lash Extensions


The Volume Lash Extension takes regular lash extensions a step further. This process involves using Russian Volume lashes that apply 4 strands of lash per one natural lash. This finished look is the ultimate glam for your face.

The prices for a full set of these 3D lashes can be an upwards of $300.



Semi-Permanent Mascara


The semi permanent mascara is the first of its kind in the industry in Canada. This non-clumping, volumizing formula is professionally applied and only needs to be reapplied every 2-4 weeks. This procedure is seen as an alternative to eyelash extensions.

On average, the application of semi-permanent mascara costs around $50 for top lashes.



Lash Lift


The lash lift procedure is a perming system for natural eyelashes. The system is designed to help the natural eyelash wave last longer. Each lash is curled using silicone pads to lift and open your eye, and can last up to 3 months.

Lash lift treatments cost around $50 per session.



Ultra Trio Pigmentation


This trio certification allows you to be certified in eyebrow, lip liner and eyeliner permanent makeup enhancements. The Artliner machine allows for the look of ombre liner to create an illusion of fuller lips, a precise eyeliner line, and a powdered eyebrow setting to create a fuller brow.

On average, a single procedure of either three of these applications can range anywhere between $200 and $800.



Areola Pigmentation


The Areola pigmentation treatment adds colouration in the nipple area to simulate a natural looking areola and restore beauty to the breast. Shading can also be done to create a 3D look of a protruding nipple. This process is recommended to those who have had breast cancer surgeries, breast augmentation or just have a lack of colouration in their areolas.

Areola pigmentation on average costs around $400 per breast.



Scalp Pigmentation


The scalp pigmentation procedure simulates the look of hair follicles by tattooing little dots on the hairline or at the top of the crown. This service is recommended to those who’ve experienced male pattern baldness or have lost hair due to diseases.

The price for this service can cost anywhere from $600-$6000 depending on the scar treatment and standard procedures.



Organic Micro Mist Spray Tanning


Organic Micro Mist spray tanning is an anti-aging, skin firming and moisturizing spray tan procedure that gives a healthy looking glow to the skin. This service can be conducted mobile through the use of a pop-up tent or in a business/home.

The earnings are substantial due to the low product costs. A spray tan session can cost anywhere from $40 upwards.



The Next Steps

Take the next step in expanding your beauty enhancement portfolio and increase your earning potential.

Our classes are taught by industry professionals who want to see you succeed within your own business.

If you’re interested in learning more about our quality training classes and products then contact us today!


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