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Having perfect, full, asymmetrical eyebrows has been dominating the beauty industry over the past couple years. Eyebrows are seen as the frame of the face and have the power to change your overall look.

People strive for the perfectly sculpted eyebrow, but with the numerous beauty enhancement trends on the market, they often don’t know what is the best option.

Even with these new procedures emerging, as an esthetician it’s important to know all the information regarding each service, and know what to recommend to your client.

Let’s get to the bare (brow) bone of the information regarding different brow enhancements you can perform. We will go into detail about the two leading brow techniques and training classes we offer for Microblading vs. Nano Brow.





What Is It?


Microblading has been a popular beauty enhancement trend over the past couple years. Otherwise known as embroidery brow, or microstroking, this is a form of semi-permanent makeup that simulates the look of fine eyebrow hairs using semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo pigment.



The Procedure


Microblading uses a fine blade which is made up of tiny micro needles that creates hair-like incisions into the brow area, also known as strokes creating the illusion of hair. This is a manual tool that is a semi-permanent option for eyebrow tattooing, but without using a permanent makeup needle or machine which is more permanent. Regardless if you have thinning brows or just need your tails filled in, your technician will construct a brow shape that suits your facial structure and fill in any missing areas to create definition and a fuller, naturally looking brow.

The process involves drawing creating individual hair, feather-like strokes using the blade onto into the upper dermis brow region resulting in to the desired shape. The ink pigment absorbs into the strokes which spreads out to creates a natural looking effect brow. The semi-permanent pigment is applied to the first layer of skin, so the lasting effect rejuvenates with your natural skin cycle and will last anywhere from 9 to 24 months depending on your skin type, lifestyle and other factors.

The blades come in all different shapes and sizes that customizes to the hair width thickness and length of the client. We use colour swatching for the pigment to create a custom colour specific to the client, depending on their skin tone and hair colour.

In general the procedure should take around 2 hours for completion



Potential Earnings


Typical prices for microblading, depending on your geographic location, range from $250-$500. This is usually a 2 appointment procedure involving a consultation and an application day, then a touch up treatment. Some technicians charge an additional $80+ at the touch up appointment, depending on how well the client took care of their brows during the healing process which will determine how much work needs to be done during their touch up.



Training Details


We offer 4 day certification courses in Microblading, which includes an optional 4th Co-op day where students can use our facility to complete their additional models as if they were in the workplace.

Our extensive programs cover everything from theory, hands-on practice, colour theory, hair flow and a live demo of the overall procedure. Students are required to complete 2 models in class with the assistance of our trainers. The course finishes with a written exam.

The Co-op option allows you to perform your work on live models and have it assessed and graded by our trainers. Students can complete up to 2 additional models in-house that are used towards their required models for certification.

The cost of the training includes your very own professional kit (valued $650), which can service up to 100 clients based off the pigment received, 5 microblading techniques including 3 hair flow types, microshading and combination, marketing material, access to LFC support teams, apprenticeship opportunities, listing in our online locator and of course, your LFC HDi Embroidery Brow certificate once you have submitted your 6 required models after your training is completed.




Nano Brows


What Is It?


The latest brow enhancement to hit the industry is a technique called Nano brow, or Nano Needle. This is the newest form of permanent makeup that is applied using a permanent makeup machine and the finest needle in the industry at 0.18mm, like tattooing but less-permanent. We have created our own custom Nano Brow technique using the German-made Artliner permanent makeup collection which is exclusive to Lashforever Canada as the Canadian Distributor.



The Procedure


The Nano brow look is achieved using the nano needle combined with the advanced technology from the Artliner Permanent Makeup machines. The needle and pigmentation machine combined, provide the finest 3D hair strokes in the industry that are natural looking and won’t blur.

Nano needles divulge 0.75 mm outside the cartridge, therefore the lasting result can last be up to 5 years.

This is a more precise process due to its one point starting point. It also has a greater pigment retention when healed due to the depth of the needle penetrating the skin.

The tip of the needle is dipped into the pigment and the pigment is pulled through vibration into the cartridge. It is then dispensed gradually down the needle and into the skin to create the finest hair strokes.

The Nano Brow procedure is a much faster application as you do not need to reinforce the strokes like you do with microblading. The procedure can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours.



Potential Earnings


This new brow enhancement procedure costs typically anywhere from $750-$850 depending on your location. Like microblading, there is a consultation and initial procedure appointment and then 4-6 weeks later the client will require a touch up that can range from $100+ depending on how much work needs to be done.



Training Details


Be among the leading industry professionals, offering your clients the latest in the beauty industry by becoming certified in Nano Brow Pigmentation. We offer a 4-day beginner training program, or a 2 day advanced training program for experienced microblading technicians, that’ll get you your certification.

Our training program will outline an in-depth look into the permanent makeup industry, extensive knowledge, colour theory, skin and practice pad work, an introduction to the German-made Artliner permanent makeup machines, Artliner pigments and modules, procedure outline including a live demo. Students are required to complete 1-2 models in class.

The cost of the training programs includes a starter kit, access to in class machines and pigments, marketing material, access to LFC support teams, apprenticeship opportunities, listing in our online locator and of course, and your LFC Nano Brow Pigmentation certificate, which is issued once you have completed your required models outside of class.



The Next Steps

Take the next step in expanding your brow knowledge and beauty enhancement services.

Our classes are taught by industry professionals who want to see you succeed within your own business.

If you’re interested in learning more about our quality training courses and products, then contact us today!


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